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  • PAAVQ-SET L3 Diploma in Downstream Field Operations
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Project Description

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For those working in downstream field operations, performing competently everyday is essential. 

Course Aims

The aim is to enable an individual to understand, customise and deliver a training package appropriately for the audience.

Learning Objectives

On completion of the course learners should be able to:

  • Understand the training to be delivered and be able to personalise it for their own delivery
  • Understand the receiving audience, and be able to customise the training to suit
  • Understand different approaches to involving participants (syndicates, brainstorming etc), and to select and use appropriate delivery methods
  • Be able to structure and deliver an effective training session
  • Deliver a short training session during the course and receive feedback
  • Individuals will be better able to personalise training to be delivered to suit their style and the needs of the situation
  • Individuals will increase their confidence in training delivery and be better motivated
  • Learners will benefit more from the training received.

There are no specific pre-requisites however To focus on the key subject, individuals should already have skills in assertiveness; recognising body language; active listening; and basic presentation skills.

Important: Delegates should come to the course with a training session that they can use for practice during the day.

Course Duration

The course is delivered as a bespoke training course in a training room environment and lasts one day from 0830 to 1700. The afternoon is spent with individuals having the opportunity to actually deliver a training session and receive personal feedback

During the one day interactive session the following content will be addressed:

  • Difference between Training and Presenting
  • Characteristics of an Effective Trainer
  • Understanding your materials
  • Developing Learning Objectives
  • Structuring the training event
  • Introductory sessions
  • ‘Traditional’ techniques (syndicates, brainstorming etc)
  • Accelerated Learning techniques (Mind mapping, card sorts etc)
  • Concluding the event
  • Prepare the training environment
  • Handling group discussions
  • Training Delivery and feedback

Health and safety training syllabus 2017-18

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