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Training with Reynolds Training Services Online refreshes your operators’ knowledge of core responsibilities covering use, maintenance and sources of information relating to PPE.

Personal Protective Equipment is an essential part of any work environment and the Regulator states that operators must always wear the right equipment for the job.

Online training with Reynolds Training Services Online refreshes your operators’ knowledge of core responsibilities covering use, maintenance and sources of information relating to PPE.

Site Managers: Did You Know?

  • This course only takes around 40 minutes to complete
  • You can run it directly from your site saving you time and money
  • Register as many operators as you require
  • Register operators based on multiple sites at the same time
  • Track your operators’ progress on the Reynolds Training Services Online system

With question sets, videos and engaging visuals designed by leading PPE experts, Reynolds Training Services Online makes training a productively fun experience for you and your staff.

All you have to do is register, pick your course, pay via our secure system and get learning.

This online Personal Protective Equipment training unit aims to:

  • Introduce operators to the regulatory requirements for PPE
  • Develop operators’ knowledge of PPE usage within the workplace
  • Prevent and control risks
  • Protect people and premises
  • Foster compliance with legislation
  • Limit financial losses as a result of avoidable accidents
  • Reduce insurance premiums

Enhancing operators’ understanding of PPE enables you to carry out your responsibilities as an employer more effectively.


Candidates who successfully complete this online Personal Protective Equipment unit will be able to:

  • Identify the regulations applicable to PPE
  • Understand their employer’s responsibilities in relation to the regulations
  • Identify sources of information regarding PPE, including company policies and procedures
  • Understand PPE maintenance and storage requirements
  • Identify key items of Personal Protective Equipment

Register with Reynolds Training Services Online to make your workers PPE aware at the click of a button.


Assessment Method

Candidates undertaking the Personal Protective Equipment unit are assessed via a rotation of multiple choice question sets randomly selected by Reynolds Training Services Online. They are presented with videos and interactive visuals then tested on their knowledge of what they’ve learnt.

Key Reynolds Training Services Online PPE assessment facts:

  • Candidates are asked to select the answer or answers from a list of choices
  • Learners are presented with unique question sets each time round
  • Some PPE questions are mandatory and are always pulled into the mix
  • Successful candidates can print out a certificate and their manager will be notified
  • If unsuccessful this time round, candidates can retake the test straight away
  • If unsuccessful at this point, they will be blocked out until the manager has spoken to them
  • Managers can monitor and track candidates’ progress on the Reynolds Training Services Online system

Make your operators PPE aware by registering with Reynolds Training Services Online.


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