Train, assess, track

Workplace safety involves the creation of safe working atmospheres, securing premises, employees, visitors and the surrounding community.

Statistics show that in the high hazard industries risks run higher than others. So it is that we’ve developed a tried and tested formula specifically designed to help industry achieve robust levels of safety day in, day out.

Train, assess and track is all about preventing accidents before they happen. This means implementing, revising and reiterating competency management systems on an ongoing basis.

This is important as, like a fine wine, competency gets better with age. Bubbles of personal improvement float to the surface through a mix of training, on-the-job learning, instruction, assessment and qualification.

Good Competency doesn’t happen overnight, it matures over time through training, assessing and tracking.

Let’s take a look:

Step 1: Train

Our experienced instructors deliver accredited or bespoke training to your operators to build knowledge, skills and experience.

This brings good personal and process safety to your site.

Flexibility of training means you can access services via:

  • Direct at your premises
  • eLearning with Reynolds Training Services Online

Step 2: Assess

Competency assessment with Reynolds Training Services’ qualified assessors enables you to demonstrate to the Regulator that workers are applying what they’ve learned.

Assessment is key as safety training is rendered redundant if it’s not being properly implemented.

Want to keep competency assessment in-house? Our qualified assessors can train your team so you’ll have qualified staff on site. This can be delivered via face-to-face or online training.

Step 3: Track

With training and assessment in place, the safety jigsaw becomes complete with the final piece: tracking.

Tracking involves recording and monitoring regulatory compliance. Keeping a measurable account of your onsite safety means we review existing systems and any changes to your daily operations.

This provides insights against which we can recommend when retraining and reassessment is needed to ensure competence.

What to do next?

Reynolds Training Services can assess your site’s needs and develop a programme designed to generate industrial strength levels of safety and compliance.

Make contact and your dedicated safety consultant will get back to you within 24 hours.

Make Me Safe

“There’s an old saying that if you think safety is expensive, try an accident. Accidents cost a lot of money. And, not only in damage to plant and in claims for injury, but also in the loss of the company’s reputation.”

Dr Trevor Kletz