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In one day, managers will learn how businesses can engage with and effectively manage the environmental aspects of their activities.

The benefits to business of being more environmentally sustainable are huge.

Developed with the support of leading environmental experts, this IOSH one-day course gives decision makers a clear overview of the economic benefits of the circular economy and equips them with the knowledge to explore the subject further.

Environment for Business is a completely different approach to environmental training for managers and supervisors. You’ll find a practical programme, full of step-by-step guidance, and a sharp business focus. But you’ll also find that the content engages and inspires your staff – critical to getting the message embedded across the whole organisation.

This course is designed for managers and supervisors in any sector, who require an awareness of environmental impact and sustainability. They won’t suddenly become environmental experts – but they’ll get up-to-speed on the practical actions they need to take, and gain the knowledge and tools to tackle relevant issues within their organisation.

What will I achieve?

  • Improved organisation-wide environment awareness culture and appreciation of environmental impact
  • Active staff involvement to improve the workplace and organisational processes
  • An enhanced reputation within your supply chain

Environment for Business covers:

  • What is meant by the term ‘environment’
  • How the environment can impact upon organisations
  • How organisations can impact the environment
  • Ways in which organisations can minimise environmental risks, and maximise sustainable opportunities

Environment for Business will help your organisation:

  • Minimise environmental risk and maximise sustainable opportunities
  • Improve its environmental awareness culture
  • Get staff more active and involved in making the workplace more environmentally robust
  • Internationally recognised and respected certification for managers and supervisors
  • Enhance it’s reputation within the supply chain

Delegate benefits:

  • Assess how the environment can have an impact on your organisation
  • Assess how your organisation can have an impact on the environment
  • Tackle environmental issues in your organisation
  • Measure your own environmental performance
  • Adopt sound environmental practices

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