For those of us in the safety sector, there has been one phrase uttered with more frequency than ‘coffee please’ as of late: this, ladies and gentleman, is ‘process safety’.

The Health and Safety Executive, industry, safety providers, workers, along with countless others, have engaged in what has become the most important safety debate of recent years.

As such, we thought to look back at some process safety quotes which have been shared and picked up by RTS press machine.

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Personal favourite process safety quotes

Where better to end off than to pay tribute to the man who many see as the father of process safety, Dr Trevor Kletz, who passed away on October 31, 2013.

Whilst Dr Kletz made these comments many years ago, it is a testament to their powerful substance that they remain just as relevant today.

“There’s an old saying that if you think safety is expensive, try an accident. Accidents cost a lot of money. And, not only in damage to plant and in claims for injury, but also in the loss of the company’s reputation.” – Dr Trevor Kletz

“For a long time, people were saying that most accidents were due to human error and this is true in a sense but it’s not very helpful. It’s a bit like saying that falls are due to gravity.” Dr Trevor Kletz

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