What is competency

Competence Management Systems

So what is a competence management system? In plain old English, it simply means introducing arrangements to control a cycle of activities within your organisation. The end result? A system which assures and develops competent performance.

Reynolds Training Services specialises in developing competence management systems which ensure that individuals receive the right training and understand the performance that is expected of them.

Creating a cycle of competence typically breaks down into 5 phases.

Phase 1:
Establish requirements for the CMS

  • Identify activities and assess risks
  • Select standards

Phase 2:
Design the CMS

  • Develop procedures and methods
  • Decide how to meet the established standards requirements for training, development and assessment
  • Maintain managers’ competencies

Phase 3:
Implement the CMS

  • Select and recruit staff
  • Train, develop and assess staff
  • Control activities undertaken

Phase 4:
Maintain and develop competence

  • Monitor and reassess staff performance
  • Update the competence of individuals
  • Manage sub-standard performance
  • Keep records

Phase 5:
Verify, audit and review the CMS

  • Verify and audit the CMS
  • Review and feedback

Feeling competent?

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Yes, I want to feel competent

“Competence is the ability for every director, manager and worker to recognise the risks in operational activities and then apply the right measures to control and manage those risks.”

Judith Hackitt, chair of the HSE