Is the health and safety force strong with Star Wars? Fan reaction to the new teaser trailer would suggest that, in response to Kylo Ren’s distinctive crossguard lightsaber, they are not.

One viewer was so concerned that they carried out an unofficial risk assessment. The outcome of the review would seem to suggest that the mysterious villain’s weapon of choice may in fact stand in contravention of health and safety wars … sorry, we mean health and safety laws.

Ren’s personal safety, as depicted by the YouTube user named ThegnThrand, is at risk of falling prey to the dark side of the force. Indeed, the unguarded crossguard leaves him in danger of accidentally cutting off his thumbs or other appendages.

Likewise – and this is the view of our safety experts at RTS – the cloak donned by Ren falls foul of personal protective equipment rules. Sure, it looks cool but in practical terms it heightens the risk faced by Ren when at work. His employer needs to address this PPE issue posthaste.

Check out the video. Let us know in the comments whether you think Ren’s lightsaber is a health and safety hazard?

The health and safety wars video

The teaser trailer which sparked the safety concerns