Why learn online?

The RTS blended learning experience means you can access safety courses, training, competency management and consultancy in a way that’s convenient to you.

All safety solutions are delivered through our online learning management system. This means individuals and teams of operators can learn at their own pace anywhere, anytime.

System features and Benefits

  • Create Individual Training Record
  • Hand-crafted courses that can be developed bespoke for your company
  • Question sets that can be linked directly to company procedures
  • Time-saving and flexible interactive learning
  • Record, track and manage-offline training
  • Demonstrate and manage competency
  • Comprehensive Management System

Track Learning

The RTS online database enables authorised managers to track the progress of individuals and groups, ensuring all personnel remain up-to-date, and can be linked to appraisal and personnel development targets.

Supports training

The team at RTS Online recognise that your site is unique, and supports the development of custom e-learning courses.


RTS Online supports competency requirements, delivering and confirming knowledge, developing skills and providing the tools to assess and demonstrate competence.

Offsite and Onsite Training

Track offsite and onsite training, enhancing Individual Training Records (iTR’s) and providing a central database for training.

Management System

Comprehensive management system with multiple access levels providing a wide range of access reporting.

Data Protection

Safety doesn’t just apply to your site, it applies to your data. RTS Online encrypts data with manual and auto site backup at separate locations.

What to do next?

RTS can assess your site’s needs and develop a programme designed to generate industrial strength levels of safety and compliance.

Make contact and your dedicated safety consultant will get back to you within 24 hours.

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“There’s an old saying that if you think safety is expensive, try an accident. Accidents cost a lot of money. And, not only in damage to plant and in claims for injury, but also in the loss of the company’s reputation.”

Dr Trevor Kletz