The HSE’s health and safety statistics for 2017 underscore the sheer importance of workplace safety. Whilst massive strides have and continue to be made, reality is safety doesn’t happen by accident. A safe workplace, after all, remains essential for you, your staff and your business. Indeed, it is also a regulatory must.

The latest stats from The Health and Safety Executive show that, in Great Britain, during 2016/2017 :

  • 137 workers were killed at work
  • 609,000 injuries occurred at work
  • 31.2 million working days were lost due to workplace injuries and illnesses
  • £14.9 billion is the estimated cost of injuries and ill health from working conditions (2015/16)

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How can IOSH Managing Safely help achieve greater workplace safety?

The IOSH Managing Safely qualification is designed to equip managers with the necessary skills and knowledge that will help them prevent health and safety issues in the workplace. Managers are then able to create a company-wide safety awareness culture, which in turn allows for greater productivity, active staff involvement in their own safety and an enhanced reputation within the supply chain.

What does IOSH Managing Safely Cover?

This course has a core focus on the prevention of workplace-induced injuries and illnesses and endows managers with the ability to:

  • Assess risks
  • Control risks
  • Understanding responsibilities
  • Understand hazards
  • Investigate incidents
  • Measure performance
  • Protect the work environment

Safe to say, IOSH Managing Safely, is a course that will improve your workplace safety and widen the career prospects of anyone working in a high hazard industry

At RTS, health and safety learning isn’t a drag. We make our interactive classroom learning to be inspiring, efficient and effective. Wave goodbye to jargon and dull textbooks, and say hello to hands-on, practical learning.

We understand the importance of business flexibility, that’s why RTS gives you the choice to undertake this course at your site, in your own time.

Minimise your risks and maximise your safety. It’s really important. 
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