Competence, assessment and learning management

Say ‘goodbye’ to the hassle of managing training records and certifications manually.

Are you ready to revolutionise your health and safety training game? Introducing CALMcloud – the comprehensive solution designed to streamline competence and training management process.

Your all-in-one health and safety management system

From learning management to competency assessment, CALMcloud empowers your organisation with a user-friendly platform that simplifies training and enhances occupational competency.

Consolidate training
materials and records.

Access everything in one
secure location.


Accessible 24/7 from
any device.

Real-time, customisable

Track progress against

Identify areas for

Backed by real-time

3 ways

CALMcloud will elevate your training management

#1 System Overview

CALMcloud is a fully integrated learning management, competency, and assessment system. Developed by our team of experts, CALMcloud is built on the secure Amazon Web Services Cloud Computing Services, ensuring dependability and peace of mind.

#2 training

CALMcloud supports various training formats, including online, video-based, instructor-led, assessments, competence tracking, and mentoring. Our platform enables you to upload and update training materials, ensuring the latest versions are readily available. Allocate courses to specific roles, ensuring employees receive the appropriate training and competence procedures.

#3 Reporting

CALMcloud revolutionises reporting with real-time, customisable features. Gain a holistic view of your organisation or drill down to individuals and specific courses. Monitor progress, expiration dates, and identify areas for improvement. CALMcloud empowers you to efficiently manage the training and competence of your workforce.

Assessors: Did you know?

Reynolds’ revolutionary online system can be tailored to the exact training requirements of your team and site.