The National Centre for Processing & Manufacturing

Where knowledge and practice come together.

Step into the immersive world of our fully operational tank farm and process plant training facility for a hands-on experience in core control room, process and field operations.

Experience real-world training at our cutting edge facility

The National Centre for Process and Manufacturing is the UK’s first fully-operational facility of its kind, created to provide learners with unique and realistic training experiences. Our process plant aligns directly with bulk liquid and gas storage industries, both nationally and internationally.

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“Experience a one of a kind realistic work environment where we create industry-relevant scenarios.

– Reynolds Training MD,

John Reynolds

Hands-on safety & technical training

Beyond the confines of our classrooms and learning facilities at the NCPM, learners get a real-word, hands-on experience outside on the process plant. Join our experienced instructors for advanced safety and technical training across operations, maintenance, control and instrumentation, process and occupational safety, management, and quality control.

Why learners choose the NCPM

Our instructors help businesses and learners build knowledge, skills and experience relevant to their site, industry and sector.

The environment allows us to safely create scenarios that reflect any industry situation.

The real-time operations emulates the whole process life-cycle from raw material to finished product.

Experience the full range of import and export operations, including receipt and delivery by ship, road, rail and tank to tank.

NCPM Facilities

Our NCPM facilities provide learners with real-time, real-world emulated environments for the transfer, processing, and storage of bulk liquids. These invaluable additions to classroom learning allow learners in the field to apply theory in live situations. Our fully operational facilities reflect industry standards, utilizing water as a safe training medium.

Tank Farm

Explore our impressive Tank Farm, featuring tanks, pumps, pipes, filters, meters, and valves designed to replicate liquid transfers in process and storage facilities worldwide.

Process building

The Operational Control Centre serves as the hub for operational control in the Tank Farm, housing reception, control, switch rooms, and Distribution Control Systems.

Control Centre

Connected to the Tank Farm, our Process Building features functioning pumps, pipelines, and multiple levels housing reception, process vessels, transfer pumps, regulating valves, heat exchangers, and a sampling rig.

Simulator Suite

In the Simulator Suite, learners face high-hazard operational processes and emergency response conditions, allowing observation and assessment of decision-making in simulated emergency situations.

Life at THE NCPM

Providing safety solutions to individuals, teams and businesses around around the UK and the world.

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