Areas of learning

Reynolds Training is the missing piece of your safety puzzle. As the world’s foremost authority in safety training, we’ll click together all aspects of your safety requirements.

Accredited health and safety courses

With a huge range of accredited courses from NEBOSH, IOSH, Qualsafe, GQA and Reynolds take the pain out of the way you train with fun and interactive learning experiences delivered in the classroom, onsite and virtually. 

As a specialist provider of safety training to the process industries, we’ve developed an expansive range of courses just for you. These cover four main areas of learning; process safety and technical training, workplace health and safety, emergency response and competence assessment.

Process Safety & Technical Training

In high hazard industries, there are no margins of error when it comes to safety. Ensuring the highest levels of process safety and technical training ensures a competent workforce and a safe working environment.

Workplace Health & Safety

As a leading provider of accredited courses from NEBOSH, IOSH, and our own bespoke courses, we take the approach that with quality training and competence, accidents can be prevented before they happen.

Emergency Response

Fire safety is a mandatory duty for employers in England and Wales and our training courses help your business reduce workplace fire risks by imparting management and staff with essential skills and knowledge.

Competence Management

Assessing that the knowledge employees have gained from training is being applied in the workplace is at the heart of Competency Assessment and it is the final piece of the technical training puzzle.