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Human Factors from Reynolds Training studies how humans behave and interact with each other and their surroundings. It considers the inevitability of human error and how to mitigate against it.

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Human Factors is the study of how humans behave and interact with each other and their surroundings. It considers how humans interact in the workplace and how, due to the inevitability of human error, mistakes are likely to occur.

Who is this course for? All employees at any level, particularly those with Supervisory and Managerial responsibilites.



To inform, explain and expand your knowledge of the core requirements for Human Factors within the work environment; supporting this with practical application of Human Factors risk assessment and CDOIF general guidance regarding safety critical activities.

  1. Define and identify the key elements of Human Factors
  2. Understand how Human Factors contribute to major accidents
  3. Recall the regulators guidance through HSG 48
  4. Describe the process of “Human Failure”
  5. Recall the CDOIF general guidance for Human Factors and safety critical activities
  6. List the reasons that effect Human Factors
  7. Define competency and understand the regulatory model
  8. Adopt a multi-layered approach to risk reduction through Process Safety Barriers
  9. Manage human performance
  10. Demonstrate knowledge and practical application through questioning and Human Factors risk assessment


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