Reynolds Training: Renewed Approval by IChemE

Here at Reynolds Training, we are thrilled to announce that we have, once again, received approval from the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) for our unique Level 3 Diploma in Bulk Storage Operator (Technician) qualification.

The original endorsement was granted in 2020 and marked the first time a Level 3 Diploma had been approved by IChemE. Consequently, we are now the first training organisation to have its Level 3 approval renewed. This renewed approval extends our accreditation until 2026.

Tasos Dedes, a Professional Development Executive at IChemE, confirmed the renewal by stating, “We are delighted to confirm that both the qualification and the competencies being delivered by the apprenticeship have been approved.”

Reynolds Training: Commended for Professionalism & Enthusiasm

During the evaluation process, IChemE assessors commended us for the professionalism and enthusiasm of our staff. They also expressed their appreciation for our highly-committed learners, who serve as outstanding ambassadors for our program and their respective employers.

Furthermore, IChemE highlighted our exceptional simulation facility, known as the National Chemical and Process Industries Monitoring (NCPM) facility. Equipped with a full-scale tank farm, the NCPM provides a realistic and professional environment for trainee engineers. It offers invaluable work-based experience, allowing them to tackle real-world problem-solving and risk assessment related to major accident hazards.

The Level 3 Diploma in Bulk Storage Operator (Technician) as validated by the awarding body, GQA, is an integral part of our two-year apprenticeship program, which places a strong emphasis on process and occupational safety, human factors, emergency response, and technical operations. The program combines vocational and academic learning, comprising both a qualification and a comprehensive vocational experience.

Level 3 Diploma: It’s not just for Apprentices

An important consideration with our Level 3 Diploma in Bulk Storage Operator (Technician) qualification is that it isn’t just appropriate for Apprentices

Indeed, we actively encourage time-served Operational staff who have ambitions to create a career path for themselves, to take the qualification, too.

Our Level 3 qualification is a fantastic way to upskill and lay the foundation of a better career. This is great for staff retention, ideal for improved productivity and profitability, as well as being a key step towards delivering the energy transition future to which the whole sector is committed

Here at Reynolds Training, it’s important to us to ensure that we’re not just offering these skills and qualifications to individuals coming into the sector at foundation level. The Level 3 qualification element offers people – who are already experienced in and committed to the sector – the opportunity to gain the same level of expertise and receive the same qualification as those entering the sector.

This ensures a level (3) playing field for Operators and offers great opportunities for all.

IChemE: Why this Matters

IChemE holds a licence from the Engineering Council to approve either or both of these components for colleges and training providers delivering engineering apprenticeships. By obtaining IChemE’s approval for our level 3 qualification, we have reaffirmed the value of this pathway to technical recognition within the sector.

Apprentices who embark on this journey can work towards achieving the prestigious professional Engineering Technician (EngTech) qualification. Apprentices who have undertaken the Level 3 qualification can also continue to develop their Operational Career Pathway and can expect to progress from their Operational role in whichever career direction they choose – be that to become a Charge Hand, Supervisor, Quality Controller, Safety Professional or Manager.

At Reynolds Training, we are immensely proud to receive the renewed approval from IChemE. It serves as a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional training and ensuring our learners are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the industry. With this continued endorsement, we look forward to continuing our mission of developing highly skilled professionals in the field of bulk storage operations.

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