Tank Storage Association launches new Safety Leadership Charter

The Tank Storage Association (TSA) has formally launched a new Safety Leadership Charter, reaffirming its commitment to the original principles of Process Safety Leadership.

The Charter comprises seven pledges that demonstrate commitment to managing major hazard risks by promoting an engaged, positive, informed and cooperative safety culture.

Peter Davidson, executive director of the Tank Storage Association, underscored the organisation’s pledge to ensure “safety lessons and best practice are shared across the sector wherever possible”.

“Our dedicated Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) committee is key to achieving this and we remain a driving force in a number of industry safety forums, including the Process Safety Forum and the COMAH Strategic Forum.”

Since its publication in 2009, Mr Davidson said the TSA’s members had “fully supported the Process Safety Leadership Group’s Principles of Process Safety Leadership”.

“The launch of our Commitment to Good Major Hazard Leadership further strengthens this support. Our aim is to ensure that these principles are embedded in all that we do as a sector.”

Paul Denmead, president of the Tank Storage Association, echoed his colleague’s sentiments, saying the TSA with the support of its members had developed the Safety Leadership Charter “to promote a positive and cooperative safety culture within member organisations.”

“This Charter clearly demonstrates our commitment to major hazard safety, starting at the top, and puts the TSA at the forefront of safety leadership within our sector.”

Meanwhile Martyn Lyons, chief executive of Inter Terminals, described high standards of leadership as being “essential” in ensuring the effective control of major hazard risks.

He added: “The Safety Leadership Charter, developed by the Tank Storage Association in conjunction with the sector’s leaders, is a testament to our strong commitment to strive for the highest standards and continue leading from the front.”

Industry has responded positively to the new Charter. John Reynolds, managing director of Reynolds Training Services Ltd, said the Charter was “great news” and would mark “a significant step in emphasising the importance of Process Safety Leadership across all levels of an organisation.”

John continued: “This is something we, at Reynolds, embed in our courses because it is essential in underpinning safety throughout the major hazard industries.”

To download a copy of the TSA’s Commitment to Good Major Hazard Leadership charter, visit their website or click here.


More about the TSA

  1. The Tank Storage Association (TSA) represents the interests of over 60 member companies engaged in the storage of bulk liquids and the provision of products and services to the sector. Collectively, its members operate 293 terminals and distribution hubs in the UK and have over 10 million cubic metres of storage capacity in the United Kingdom (UK) and Republic of Ireland (ROI). TSA’s members provide and support an essential interface between sea, road, rail and pipeline logistics for many different substances including transport and heating fuels, chemicals, animal feed and foodstuffs.
  2. Process Safety Leadership Group: Principles of Process Safety Leadership.
  3. COMAH Strategic Forum: Managing Risk: The hazards that can destroy your business.

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