7 reasons why online training with iLearn is a safe bet

Your company works hard to maintain and enhance health and safety standards across the board. Training is an important part of this equation.

Health and safety is, of course, a regulatory requirement. When the chips are down, it just makes plain sense too.

iLearn, our web-based health and safety training platform, gives you instant, flexible and cost-effective access to training which helps your site fulfil its legal obligations.

Here’s seven reasons why your business will come to love iLearn:

  1. Reduces overheads: iLearn delivers the quality of direct training at lower prices
  2. Reduces overtime: Cut costs on overtime to cover in-house face to face delivery. Reduced travel also puts a smile on operators’ faces and is better for health
  3. Track learning: iLearn’s database enables authorised managers to keep an eye on the progress of individuals and groups, ensuring all personnel remain on track. This can be linked to appraisal and HR personal development targets
  4. Supports training: iLearn recognises that your site is unique. The system supports the development of bespoke courses
  5. Competency: iLearn supports competency requirements delivering knowledge, developing skills and experience on a constant rolling process
  6. Onsite training: Can be linked to the development of onsite assessors. This enables site assessments to be undertaken, directly improving efficiency
  7. Accredited Material: Development is linked to our IOSH accredited course material and will be accredited as a full modular course on completion of development

What to do next?

The iLearn web-based training tool imparts knowledge to workers in the industrial areas of petroleum and petrochemical operations, fire prevention and occupational health and safety.

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