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Press release issued: Thursday 18th April

At Reynolds Training Services we’ve just launched a campaign to empower high hazard sites to deliver safety training, free of charge, on-site, whenever they want.

We’ve called these quick and easy to deliver training packages Toolbox Talks – a nifty name if we might say so ourselves.

Fear not. This is not another case of health and safety gone mad. Quite the opposite, in fact.

It is simply our way of giving something back to the industry we love.

Everybody’s Talking Toolbox Talk

It would be easy to dismiss ‘free health and safety training‘ as a novel idea. Let us tell you why, in this instance, it is not.

Toolbox Talk is developed in-house by our passionate, knowledgeable, experienced and unbelievably skilled team.

The proof, of course, is always in the pudding.

So check out the first issue of Toolbox Talk which has been baked to competent perfection.

The Hazard Diamond

Issue#1 of Toolbox Talk centres around the Hazard Diamond. It seemed like the perfect choice – the Reynolds Training Services brand, after all, takes foundation on it.

The Hazard Diamond Toolbox Talk enables sites to bring their workers up to speed with this key piece of industry iconography, helping them to carry out their roles safely.

Toolbox Talk also:

  • Coaches sites on how to deliver training materials easily
  • Ratchets up workers’ key operational skills and safety knowledge
  • Plays a significant role in the continuing process of preventing, controlling and mitigating hazards

“This is free health and safety training which enables employees to recognise, avoid and report safety hazards, thereby reducing downtime, improving costs and conforming to regulatory requirements – it’s not rocket science, it’s simple mathematics,” John Reynolds, MD

Who Can Deliver the Toolbox?

Delivery of the talk should be given by someone who:

  • Has knowledge of the issue being discussed in sufficient detail to answer questions
  • Is motivated and passionate enabling delivery in an open environment
  • Is known to the workforce to enable better interaction

Download your first free health and safety Toolbox Talk:

  1. What is a Toolbox Talk?
  2. Conducting a Toolbox Talk
  3. Hazard Diamond Trainer Pack
  4. Hazard Diamond Delegate Pack Handout

Download all training materials from this month’s Toolbox

How do I get future editions of Toolbox?

Join the Reynolds Training Services newsletter to get access to future editions of Toolbox Talk. You’ll also get tonnes of other little free treats designed to help keep your site safe.

We love taking requests

Do you have a Toolbox Talk or Health and Safety Video you’d like developing relevant to your sector?

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Super useful Hazard Diamond video

In the interests of safety, we like giving away things for free. So wrap your eyes around this video which is a fantastic visual accompaniment to this month’s Hazard Diamond Toolbox Talk.

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Reynolds Training Services is a leading provider of specialist safety training and consultancy to the petroleum and petrochemical industries and wider world of work. The company has a long history of helping employers, staff and individuals exceed workplace health and safety legal requirements.

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