Online health and safety courses: process safety

Process good onsite safety with online health and safety courses from iLearn. Online process safety training provides operators with a detailed introduction to process safety.

This online health and safety process safety course:

  • Only takes around 40 minutes to complete
  • Can be run directly from your site saving you time and money
  • Supports the registration of as many operators as you require
  • Enables site managers to track your operators’ course progress

Online health and safety training video

Watch the online health and safety training process safety video:

Start online health and safety training

Safety never sleeps and neither does iLearn. With question sets, videos and engaging visuals designed by leading process safety experts, iLearn makes training a productively fun experience for you and your staff.

Take the pain out of the way you train. Don’t take workers offsite, take them to the iLearn site.

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