Online health and safety training: competence tracker

To safety train online or not to safety train online: that is the question. Sure, online training with iLearn is conveniently effective and, yes, you can put operators through their paces when you want, where you want, at incredibly manageable prices.

Then there’s the ‘but’. How can we tell, asks many a site manager, whether knowledge acquired from online learning is being implemented by operators at the coalface.

This is a common concern when it comes to online health and safety training. After all, even when the online training is of the highest quality, the effectiveness of it would quickly become compromised if it didn’t follow through to your day-to-day operations.

For every problem there’s a solution and it just so happens that this one has been solved by the safest hands of all. Deep within the depths of iLearn’s safety laboratory our experts have been hard at work developing the Competence Tracker.

And what should emerge from the smokey cauldrons? A safety tool imbued with the prime objective of ensuring knowledge passes safely from the iLearn site to your site.

This means site managers can now measure an operator’s ability to implement knowledge after successful completion of an iLearn course.

Online health and safety training video

Watch the online health and safety training competence tracker video:


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