Online personal protective equipment courses

Just as a skydriver needs a parachute, operators on industrial sites need to wear the right personal protective equipment.

PPE is, after all, an essential part of any work environment and one which is legally required by the regulator.

Online training with iLearn refreshes your operators’ knowledge of core responsibilities covering use, maintenance and sources of information relating to PPE.

Watch personal protective elearning video

Site managers, did you know?

  • This course only takes around 40 minutes to complete
  • You can run it directly from your site saving you time and money
  • Register as many operators as you require
  • Register operators based on multiple sites at the same time
  • Track your operators’ progress on the iLearn system

What to do next?

With question sets, videos and engaging visuals designed by leading PPE experts, iLearn makes training a productively fun experience for you and your staff.


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