Process safety video message released by CSB

The US Chemical Safety Board has released a new video safety message on the 30th Anniversary of the fatal accident in Bhopal, India, that claimed the lives of thousands of people.

The video, entitled ‘Reflections on Bhopal After Thirty Years’, warns that more must be done to improve process safety regulations in the US to prevent future industrial accidents.

“Process safety management regulations are in need of reform,” CSB chairperson, Rafael Moure-Eraso, says in the video. “Since Bhopal, both industry and government have increased their efforts to prevent major chemical accidents. But multiple CSB investigations show that much more needs to be done to assure that future tragedies will be avoided.”

Safety message: play video

In the video, the CSB chronicles the events of December 2nd, 1984, in Bhopal. An estimated 3,800 are said to have died immediately, with tens of thousands left injured. The following years have claimed the lives of thousands of others from toxic gas-related illnesses.

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