Processing safety training with University of Hull

Press release date: 12th February 2015

With the regulator placing a renewed focus on process safety, Reynolds Training Services has just completed its second year of grassroots safety training with students from the School of Engineering at the University of Hull.

Reynolds Training Services and University of Hull forged the partnership back in 2014. The alliance is designed to support and enhance students’ theoretical studies by way of practical, onsite based training.

The intake of 2015 got involved in classroom sessions, workshops and practical onsite training at Inter Terminals’ west and east sites in Immingham.

“This type of training means we can infuse strong process safety skills and knowledge into the next generation of high hazard workers,” explained Reynolds Training Services managing director, John Reynolds.

The Health and Safety Executive kicked off 2015 by urging industry to cultivate safer processes across their plants. In doing so, major high hazard sites were told to adopt an holistic approach to ensure vital safety information travels from operators on the ground to leaders in the boardroom.

Mr Reynolds commented: “Whilst industry has taken steps forward, as the Regulator says, we do need to further improve process safety across the sector. This requires strong leadership, knowledge sharing across workers and other sites and the implementation and continual review of safety systems.”

“But what about those preparing to enter industry?” he asked. “Well, the partnership with Hull gives us the opportunity to embed key safety knowledge in the minds of young students.”

“This way,” he added, “we are able to simulate a top-down and bottom-up culture change in industry, focusing both on those already in the sector and those preparing to enter it.”

A studious approach to process safety

Dr Philip Rubini, head of chemical engineering at University of Hull, said he’d been “very impressed with the organisation by RTS” and that his students had “totally enjoyed themselves”.

Feedback from the students confirm Dr Rubini’s comments, with the majority asserting that the practical training had enhanced their theoretical knowledge of process safety.

Student Rebecca Milazzo said she came away with the ability to “put together my skills learnt in lectures with the real world,” whilst Daniel Coelho added that “all the techniques and methodologies will be very useful.”

As part of the training package, Inter Terminals granted access to its west and east sites in Immingham. Mr Reynolds commented: “As a top tier COMAH site and supplier of industrial services including cargo logistics, bulk liquids and gas storage, we couldn’t think of a better place for the students to see actual prevention and mitigation systems in action.”

“During the visit, the students gained extra insight from two of Inter Terminals’ experienced safety officers. Their assistance enhanced the students’ experience, providing greater insight into regulatory controls and how these are implemented site-wide.”

Planning for a safer tomorrow, today

Looking ahead, Mr Reynolds said his Lincolnshire-based training company was already planning for next year’s intake of students from Hull.

“The idea of instilling core process safety competencies into students before they enter the industrial workplace is a compelling model,” he stated. “The more young people who enter industry with key skills the better.

“As such, we’ll be looking at expanding our own outreach and also talking to other safety training providers about how they can get involved with education institutions in their own localities.”

Notes to editors:

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The University of Hull provides a cutting-edge educational experience for over 18,000 students a year. The academic portfolio contains 50 disciplines across the arts and humanities, business, education, health, the sciences and the social sciences.

As one of the major players in the regeneration of Hull and Scarborough, the University also has a significant impact on local economic and social growth.

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