Good news from the TSA annual review

The Tank Storage Association (TSA) has published its annual review, looking at the health (and the safety) of the Bulk Liquid sector.

Happily, it reports that our sector is in good shape.

Bulk liquid storage is a critical component of the UK economy and greases the wheels of the supply chain for many industries – not least through supplying fuel to the logistics and shipping industries.

The TSA oversees more than 290 terminals in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, providing 10,371,000 m3 of storage capacity.


As you can see, the vast majority of that storage is given over to high hazard oils and fuels. The scale of this is hard to imagine, but the TSA annual review has helpfully put a few numbers on it for us.

The Bulk Liquid Storage sector made £3.2 billion revenue in 2018, and provides work for over 3,500 highly-skilled employees in the UK and ROI.

Furthermore, there are plans for £585 million investment in the next five years.

TSA Annual Review – Investing in the future

Here at Reynolds Training, we’re also investing heavily in the future of our industry – with a significant investment in new technology and facilities at the Tank Farm and Process Plant at CATCH.

This is part of our ongoing commitment to enhance health and safety competence within the Bulk Liquid Storage sector.

As the TSA review shows (in the graph, below) workplace injury rates in our sector are reassuringly low.


At Reynolds, we’re working to ensure that best practice and competence are ingrained within our sector – so that injuries and incidents continue to be under control. This ensures the health and continued safety of staff, as well as the profitability of our all-important businesses.

Because maintaining a culture of safety doesn’t happen by accident.

The full TSA review for 2019 is reproduced below, feel free to take a detailed look – it offers some fascinating reading, and demonstrates that the hard work being done in our sector is paying off.

Reynolds Training Services – keeping the future healthy and safe

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