Who is responsible for fire safety at work?

Fire safety is a universal requirement on the shoulders of businesses in England and Wales. As an employer, the legislative system bestows you with the title of ‘responsible person’.

So how ‘responsible’ are you? The first step towards responsibility is understanding your duties when it comes to fire safety.

The Fire Safety Order of 2005, which also applies to landlords and guesthouses, compels the ‘responsible person’ to:

  • Conduct and regularly review a fire risk assessment of the premises
  • Inform staff or representatives about the risks you’ve identified
  • Lock in place and maintain any appropriate fire safety measures
  • Plan for an emergency
  • Provide staff information, fire safety instruction and training

Online fire safety training: get started now

Put your staff through their paces now by way of online fire safety training. The fire safety training course only takes around 40 minutes to complete and will help your business:

  • Protect people and premises
  • Limit financial losses as a result of fire
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Comply with all fire safety legislation

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