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Bulk Liquid Storage Apprenticeship.

The UK is alive with apprenticeships. What about our bulk liquid storage sector, though? Whilst our industry has made huge strides, risks remain real. There’s a collective understanding that a skills gap is on the horizon for our sector. You know it’s there and your business might not be affected by it yet but you will be, and soon.

This is why Reynolds Training Services – with our state-of-the-art training facility in Lincolnshire – is proud to be delivering the UK’s first Bulk Liquid Storage Apprenticeship.


Reynolds Training worked in conjunction with the TSA (Tank Storage Association), Cogent and the OPA (Oil & Pipelines Agency) in developing the ‘Bulk Liquid Terminal Technician Specialism’. This then gained approval from industry for use with the ‘Science Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship Standard’.  

In a drive to further underpin this Apprenticeship and Specialism, Reynolds Training developed a new ‘Level 3 Qualification: Bulk Storage Operator Technician’, providing a route to Technical Recognition for the sector. It gives a wider focus on process and occupational safety, human factors and emergency response, aligning this with technical operations.

The two year Apprenticeship will involve a mixture of:

  • Classroom-based training and learning

  • Practical assessment at our simulated onsite training facility, CATCH

  • Onsite training and competency assessment at the candidate’s actual workplace

North Lindsey College

This Apprenticeship will be delivered by Reynolds Training in collaboration with North Lindsey College, who have a long-established history of Apprenticeship delivery within the Engineering and Process sector.

North Lindsey College’s invaluable experience will ensure the delivery of a better, richer and more relevant Apprenticeship, as well as widen the range of skills that are available to employers, which is in the interest of both the candidates and the industry!  

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Bulk Liquid Storage Apprenticeships

2 Year Apprenticeship Starting this September 

Investing early enables us to embrace talented people, embedding the Knowledge, Skills and Experience needed to sustain and expand safe operations.  Find out more about the all-new Bulk Liquid Apprenticeship Qualification:


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