7 health and safety quotes that make you think

Pick up almost any publication and within the pages you’ll find health and safety by numbers. The safety headlines are indeed typically writ large with statistics of injuries and deaths.

Quantifying the efforts of industry is, of course, an important gauge in the drive to improve safety standards. It also feeds directly into how we tailor the legislative and training framework.

Behind each safety statistic though, resides an individual. And, behind this individual, resides friends, family and colleagues. When incidents occur the humanitarian impact of injury or death is always far-reaching.

As such, let us not forget that the most fundamental element of any statistical equation is the actual person and persons. Remembering enables us to plan today for a safer tomorrow.

With this in mind, we got to thinking about 7 of our personal favourite quotes about health and safety. Not captions centred around facts and figures, but inspirational sayings that remind us what health and safety is really about.

#7 Cicero on the law of humanity

7 health and safety quotes

#6 Jefferson on the importance of family

7 health and safety quotes

#5 Einstein on continual improvement

7 health and safety quotes

#4 Reynolds Training Services on safety

7 health and safety quotes

#3 Abraham on freedom

7 health and safety quotes

#2 Kletz on human error

7 health and safety quotes

#1 Hackitt on fact versus fiction

7 health and safety quotes

Have a safe journey.

The health and safety road is long and winding. Regulators, legislators, training providers and industry must travel down it together, navigating a clear course of direction towards an even safer future for workers, the public and the environment.

Have these quotes inspired you towards safer actions? Do you agree or disagree with the sentiment? Can you share any other linguistic moments of inspiration?

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