HSE publishes latest quarterly fatality figures

The Health and Safety Executive has published figures detailing the number of work-related deaths reported to them and local authorities during the first three months of 2013/14.

These preliminary statistics, updated on a quarterly basis, pertain to work-related fatalities reportable under RIDDOR.

The statistics have been released on a provisional basis and the HSE underscores that they may be subject to change given that many of the cases listed remain under investigation.

Some fatalities have been excluded from the data as they are reportable under other legislation.

The main exclusions include:

  1. Road traffic fatalities involving workers travelling on a public highway – these are enforced by the police and reported to the Department for Transport
  2. Fatal accidents involving workers travelling by air or sea – these are dealt with by the Air Accident Investigation Branch and Marine Accident Investigation Branch
  3. Fatal injuries at work due to natural causes, such as heart attacks or strokes, unless found to have been triggered by trauma caused by the incident
  4. Accidents to members of the armed forces

Download the latest quarterly fatal injury figures

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