Survey: Energy Institute seeks industry input on above-ground petroleum storage tanks

The Energy Institute’s (EI) Containment Systems Working Group (CSWG) is calling on industry to help shape new above-ground storage tank guidance in a drive to establish industry good practice on remedial work to tank floors where an under tank liner is installed.

A trio of surveys have been rolled out to gather expert views from industry operators, membrane suppliers, installers and maintainers. The resultant guidance, which is being prepared by IKM Consulting and the EI’s CSWG, strives to further develop last year’s Guidance on conceptual design, selection and life cycle assurance of products intended to improve integrity of bases of above-ground storage tanks holding petroleum, petroleum products or other fuels.

In a circular to its members The Tank Storage Association, the industry organisation dedicated to the professional provision of third party bulk liquid storage in the UK, raised awareness of the survey which elapses on March 20th, 2019.

Above-ground petroleum storage tanks guidance

The EI explains how the upcoming technical development project aims to:

  • Define good practice procedures that would preserve the integrity of under-tank liners where remedial AST floor repairs are required, which otherwise would most likely damage the under-tank liner.
  • Define good practice procedures to reinstate or repair an under-tank liner that has been inadvertently damaged in this way.

The publication set to be developed in this technical development project is designed to provide site operators with the necessary knowledge
to make informed decisions about safe options for AST floor work and its interface with under-tank liners, such that:

  • Containment integrity is preserved – A damaged AST floor potentially provides a pathway for liquid product to escape onto the under-tank liner and consequently threaten environmental receptors. In addition, the under-tank liner should not be damaged by remedial works.
  • Additional hazards are not introduced – Hot works to repair a leaking AST floor has the potential to create a flammable atmosphere by volatilisation of trapped liquids.

And the survey says…

The Energy Institute “would appreciate some of your time to answer the following questions” in order to help to inform the “preparation of the guidance document and shape good practice”. The group advises that it may seek to speak to respondents in more detail following completion of the questionnaire. Upon completion of the survey, you’ll be given the option to take part.

Get started now by selecting the questionnaire which is most relevant to you as an industry representative:

  • Tank liner integrity during tank floor works – Industry questionnaire for Operators (13 minutes)
  • Tank liner integrity during tank floor works – Industry questionnaire for Installer (5 minutes)
  • Tank liner integrity during tank floor works – Industry questionnaire for Suppliers (4 minutes)

Information supplied through the survey, which must be completed by 3rd April 2019, is anonymised and any “further correspondence will be treated in confidence if necessary”.

Respondents able to supply further information and drawings, can do so by emailing information to If you are responding to a specific question via email, state the title of the survey and question number.

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