Apprenticeships Build the Future

The theme for Apprenticeships Week 2021 is ‘Build the Future’ and that’s only right and proper, because building the future of industry is exactly what apprenticeships do.

At our new NCPM facility, the apprentices following our ‘Bulk Liquid Terminal Technician Specialism’ apprenticeship will benefit from the hands-on experience of using the state-of-the-art facilities in the UK’s first fully-operational tank farm and process plant training facility – further enhancing the real world immersive training experience we offer.

The Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills, Gillian Keegan, acknowledged how apprenticeships have helped business adapt and build during a difficult year. She said:

“Apprenticeships are a fantastic way to learn while you earn, opening up new and exciting career paths that can transform lives. It’s been a tough year for everyone, but we want the theme for National Apprenticeship Week 2021 to be a springboard to look ahead to how apprenticeships can futureproof workforces and boost careers.”

The TSA and Apprenticeships

As the recent TSA press release, addressed directly to those considering enrolling on an apprenticeship, put it: “ … the bulk liquid storage industry needs you. With unprecedented opportunities ahead, now is the time to join a growing and exciting sector and play a part in shaping the future.”

For a free copy of the TSA’s guide on Apprenticeships in the sector, click here. And, for a free copy of their Careers Guide, click here.

Here at Reynolds Training Services, we agree whole-heartedly with the Minister and with the TSA. We know that well-trained apprentices are making a fundamental difference to Britain’s industries.

Simply put, apprenticeships are our future!

Reynolds’ Apprenticeships in the Pipeline

Regarding the two cohorts already working their way successfully through our ‘Bulk Liquid Terminal Technician Specialism’ apprenticeship – Cohort 1 is progressing well! They are now at the stage where we’re starting to assess their competence from an onsite basis, and are pushing on towards their endpoint assessment in September 2021.

The learners of Cohort 2 have completed their understanding of the industry and are now focussing on understanding tank farms, underpinning this with site-based learning as appropriate.

We’re planning to get both cohorts back onsite at the NCPM in April or May, pandemic permitting, of course.

We’re proud to confirm that these learners haven’t let the pandemic stop them learning and progressing and becoming more than useful members of their teams at their respective sites.

Apprenticeships are our future

Such apprentices are very much the future of our industry!

Our programmes are all about building learners’ knowledge, skills and experience in a structured environment, utilising the process plant replicated environment and then supporting that with site-based activities and assessment.

When onsite, they get to work alongside more experienced personnel, this helps them absorb additional skills and knowledge which they can take back to their employers.

For us at Reynolds, it’s all about helping our learners to build a career.  It’s not just about training them for the job they have right now, but rather to equip them with the competencies they need for lifelong learning and improving.

Apprenticeships lead to lifelong learning

We always tell our learners: “Be the change. Learn to learn continuously.”

Because, our apprenticeship will lay the groundwork for our learners to go on and apply for Engineering Technician status, through the support and recognition of the professional institution, iCheme.

With iCheme, our apprenticeship graduates can then progress further up the professional pipeline, to become Chartered Engineers, scientists and beyond.

This long-term thinking is key to what we do, at Reynolds. We believe it’s all about building long term career pathways. With each new cohort of apprentices, we are given a chance to take our industry forward and prepare our learners to embrace the emergent technologies which will present new solutions and new challenges as we go forward a build a post-carbon future.

Are Apprenticeships your future?

If you’re interested in the opportunities our ‘Bulk Liquid Terminal Technician Specialism’ apprenticeship could offer you and your career, learn more about it here, or get in touch with us – our contact details are below.







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