Celebrating the Tank Storage Association on TSA Associates Day


At Reynolds Training Services, we’re thrilled to join the Tank Storage Association in celebrating TSA Associates Day. 14th November marks TSA Associates Day – a day dedicated to recognising contributions to the bulk storage and energy infrastructure sector. As a proud TSA Associate Member, we at ‘Reynolds’ understand the significance of this collaborative community in driving positive change, fostering safety, and shaping the future of the industry.

Unlocking the Power of Industry Collaboration

TSA Members operate a variety of terminals across the UK and the Republic of Ireland, storing both hazardous and non-hazardous liquids. Associate Members, from Terminal and Port Operators to Suppliers, play an essential role in Technical, Safety, Health and Environmental matters. Together, we:

  • Share experience, new products, services and innovation
  • Solve sector specific issues
  • Contribute to the development of new guidance 

In turn, the TSA serves as the committed voice and advocate of the sector. A key resource for members, the association plays a leading role in several industry, regulatory and Government fora and works to ensure that members’ interests are at the top of the agenda.

What Does It Mean to be a TSA Associate Member?

Driving Impact: Through a collective voice, the TSA actively addresses safety, health, environmental, and technical matters, contributing to crucial policy-making forums. The result? Tangible solutions and a sector that thrives on innovation.

Shaping Priorities: The TSA allows organisations to have a direct say in the issues that matter most to them. It’s not just about being part of a conversation, but actively shaping priorities to ensure the sector’s continued success.

Promoting Safety: As a founding member of key safety groups, including the COMAH Strategic Forum, the TSA plays a pivotal role in setting the UK’s regulatory strategy. This dedication to safety aligns with our core values at Reynolds Training Services.

Connecting Industry: The TSA’s membership opens doors to effective and dynamic industry-wide interaction. The connections forged across the sector, both in the UK and globally, are invaluable. It’s about building a community that fosters collaboration, innovation, and shared success.

Insight from Peter Davidson

TSA Associates Day provides a moment to reflect on the collaborative strength of the sector. Peter Davidson, Executive Director of the TSA, emphasises the important role that its members play:

“The bulk storage and energy infrastructure sector is of critical importance to maintaining supply chains for a wide range of products, from hydrocarbons to future energy carriers, chemicals, food stuffs and agricultural products.

TSA’s members provide an essential interface between sea, road, rail and pipeline logistics, as well as localised storage for production facilities. We recognise that our sector draws on the expertise provided by many different companies providing equipment and services to the sector.”

“Collectively, we work to ensure a safe, efficient and proactive industry.”

Peter Davidson, Executive Director @ TSA

“Our Associate scheme brings together all businesses operating in the sector, enabling the exchange of information, innovations, case studies, expertise and best practice within our community for the benefit of everyone.

Collectively, we work to ensure a safe, efficient and proactive industry that meets UK demand for bulk liquids and gases, and one which is agile and able to react to new product trends and energy demands.”

Q&A with John Reynolds

We spoke to the face and founder of Reynolds Training Services, to understand the significance that a TSA membership brings to a business. Read on as we delve into four fundamental topics.

1. What is the value of the TSA to the industry as a whole?

The Tank Storage Association provides that critical link for terminals, suppliers, regulators and government. Its value is in communication, not only starting conversation but having the ability to involve the right people in those conversations.

But it is more than a talking shop… it is action driven, from competency through to energy transition, current legacy fuels and associated derivatives.

It is the voice of a sector without which we would be but individual terminals and suppliers on a map, that voice also provides direction that can be followed. The TSA provides the link that brings the industry together, its importance and value should not be underestimated.

2. Why did Reynolds Training join?

Our training delivery and competency management is predominantly sector-based around Bulk Liquid Storage. For those that know me, it is a sector I hold close to my heart, having been involved in it for most of my working life. As with many things, systems, processes and equipment changes, it evolves. To deliver effective, meaningful training, it has always been important to me to keep up with what is going on within our sector – and what better way to do that than involve yourself with the TSA.

“I saw the value in being able to talk directly with the sector.”

John Reynolds, Managing Director @ Reynolds Training Services

We started out tentatively, visiting the show in our first year of trading – way back in 2009 – and also presented on a couple of topics in subsequent years. By 2011, we had taken the plunge to exhibit and have been a perennial conference exhibitor ever since, and in 2023 stepped up as one of the sponsors of the exhibition and conference.

But, it is more than just the exhibition. At the conference, the wealth of information that can be consumed is amazing, from other associates through to conference speakers who impart critical information freely. It alone is an impactful day and one we look forward to each year.From a personal level, Reynolds Training Services became an Associate Member as soon as this was launched.

I saw the value in being able to talk directly with not only the sector as well as other service providers and suppliers and perhaps, on some small level, influence its direction in relation to training and competence, as well as be influenced by the sector in our development and delivery.

3. What value does Associate Membership bring to Reynolds Training? 

Sector wide knowledge, a sounding board, conversation, links with the sector and its members, networking, wider understanding of changes, participation in our sector’s journey. 

Membership underpins our own values and ethos that is built on sharing information, communication and collaboration, and – with that – strength and a unified message. As representation to government bodies and regulators is more powerful with stronger membership organisations such as the TSA. Especially when, as the TSA do, they directly push for wider recognition of ‘our’ sector. You cannot put a value on that!

4. What value does Reynolds Training bring to the TSA?

I do on some level struggle to look inward, but our depth of training would not be as well rounded without our membership of the TSA, transversely we bring value to the sector with our input in relation to training and competency.

This is underpinned by the development of the apprenticeship programme for the sector, which I strongly believe gives a platform for the sector to be better prepared for energy transition, the skills development required for the future, and an ability to create true career pathways that will attract a new generation to the sector.


The TSA provides a critical link, uniting terminals, suppliers, regulators, and government. It’s a platform for communication, involving the right people in important conversations. The TSA is action-driven, addressing issues from cyber security through to competency and energy transition, making it the voice and direction for the sector.

This TSA Associates Day, we celebrate the strength of collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the shared commitment to a safe, efficient, and proactive industry. As we wrap up another successful year, we look forward to continuing to shape the future of the bulk storage and energy infrastructure together.

Great Sector – Amazing People – Incredible Conversation – Positive Actions

Interested in becoming a TSA Associate? With several membership levels available, explore the options at https://tankstorage.org.uk/join-us/.

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