Processing safety in the boardroom

A wise man once said the apple never falls far from the tree. This is most certainly the case when it comes to process safety and decision making within a company.

The boardroom, after all, sets the safety tone for any commercial setting.

It is the job of senior managers to ensure health and safety remains atop of the agenda, rolling out systems that are effectively implemented and robustly maintained.

Like a fondue fountain, good process safety trickles down from the top. So here’s 4 key process safety points you should keep in mind at the next meeting:

  1. A good process safety culture requires a positive, trusting and open environment
  2. There is no such thing as a perfect health and safety procedure, so you should regularly and thoroughly evaluate your safety culture and performance
  3. Communication is the basis of good business. If a process safety policy is important, let people know why
  4. Making profit is important, but safety is crucial. After all, a process will be further delayed by an avoidable accident

“Effective leadership is essential to develop a positive safety culture that remains vigilant towards process safety risks” John Reynolds, Reynolds Training Services MD

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