CDOIF guidance on Installed Safety Instrumented Systems

Chemicals and Downstream Oil Industries Forum (CDOIF) members, as part of their role in promoting and leading on key sector process safety initiatives, have published new guidance on Installed Safety Instrumented Systems.

Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS), when installed within the process industry sector, are an important measure in reducing the risks of harmful events. They provide a layer of protection to prevent plant or process entering a state which could result in harm to either people or the environment.

The Tank Storage Association (TSA), together with one of its associate members, P&I Design, led on the development of the publication.

Safety Instrumented Systems guidance

Safety Instrumented Systems, the guidance reads, are “typically implemented together with other measures” which can be used to demonstrate that the site operator has done all that they reasonably can to reduce the risk of a hazardous event occurring.

It continues: “Demonstrating this risk reduction can be part of an As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP) demonstration.

“The design, operation and maintenance of SIS are particularly important because they provide a significant risk reduction. The international standard that has been adopted for SIS as applied to process industries is the current version of IEC 61511 Functional safety – Safety instrumented systems for the process industry sector.”

The guidance provides a “reference” by which existing site procedures, practices and standards can be “reviewed or developed to ensure that installed SIS are appropriately managed”.

Reports suggest that The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) could be set to utilise the Safety Instrumented Systems guidance as part of their EC&I Interventions.

More about The Chemical and Downstream Oil Industries Forum

The Chemicals and Downstream Oil Industries Forum was established in 1997, bringing together regulators and many of the sectors most influential people and organisations. The core aim of the forum is to inform regulatory and industry approaches to issues affecting the safety and health of people, sustainability and the environment.

Through its membership, the forum is able to tackle issues of most importance to manufacturers, primary producers, and service providers. The group aims to adopt pragmatic solutions and develop long-term strategies to ensure that businesses and workers are heard on the issues that matter within the industry.

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