COMAH Strategic Forum calls for collective safety approach

COMAH Strategic Forum chairman, Ken Rivers, has called on industry to work together in implementing major changes to the COMAH regulation.

Mr Rivers told delegates at the Tank Storage Association’s annual conference that a collective and preemptive approach was needed to avoid a repeat of catastrophes such as Buncefield.

Speaking about the changes to COMAH regulations, Mr Rivers described a prevailing sense of “scepticism” on the part of the Competent Authority about the will of business to respond to the changes.

“We are at a moment of truth,” he said. In the harsh economic times, Mr Rivers urged industry to push forward in the creation of a sustainably safer future.

“There are some wonderful opportunities here,” he added, “not just in the major hazard space  but in regards to the future of our sector and working together.”

Mr Rivers said over the last 18 months he had witnessed a “tremendous leap forward” in terms of both “government intention and the collaborative approach” with industry.

A conjoined approach between business and the regulators would result in a better outcome, he said.

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