EEMUA calls for preventative storage tank action

David Wilkins, representative of The Engineering Equipment & Materials Users’ Association, has underscored the need for preventative measures to assure the integrity of above ground flat bottomed storage tanks.

Mr Wilkins was speaking shortly after the publication of the EEMUA’s 4th Edition of its tank guidance Publication 159. He said prevention was key to preventing a repeat of incidents such as Buncefield.

“Some of the most common failures in storage tanks is the tank bottom or the tank floor through lack of inspection,” he told delegates at the Tank Storage Association’s annual conference in Coventry.

“If the tank is inspected at its appropriate period these sort of things shouldn’t happen.”

“Everyone’s frightened of costs” but he stressed that ignoring “prevention” could prove even more costly.

EEMUA is a non-profit membership organisation which helps companies that own or operate industrial facilities.

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