EI guidance on declassification of tanks used in leaded gasoline

The Energy Institute has published updated guidance which contains “significant revisions” to the rules governing the declassification of tanks previously used in leaded gasoline services.

It is designed to guide businesses through the declassification process, helping them manage, clean, maintain, inspect and test gasoline storage tanks.

The publication, which specifies actions to fulfil regulatory requirements, lays down a test protocol for:

  • Evaluating exposure to lead resulting from previous contamination from organic lead gasoline additives
  • Declassification procedures for gasoline storage tanks used in refining and distribution sectors which were formerly deployed in leaded gasoline services

The tests comprise of a number of elements, including:

  • A visual examination of the storage tank
  • Analysis of samples of scale for organic and inorganic lead
  • Taking air samples during worst-case simulated hot work inside the tank on sections of its wall

Should the test results prove satisfactory a green light is given to declassify the tank.

In addition to ensuring good practice, the Energy Institute says classifying tanks can fuel sites with a number of benefits including improved productivity and cost savings.

For more information on the guidance visit The Energy Institute

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