HSE reviewing dangerous substances in harbour areas

The Health and Safety Executive is calling on industry to have its say in the review of the Dangerous Substances in Harbour Areas Regulations 1987.

The review of the regulations, which the HSE describes as “significantly out of date”, is designed to bring them in line with more recent regulatory and legislative changes.

Handling, storage, loading, unloading and carriage of dangerous substances in harbours and harbour areas are currently governed by the 1987 regulations.

As part of the existing arrangements, you must:

  • Notify entry of dangerous goods into harbours
  • Introduce provisions regulating loading and unloading of dangerous substances
  • Have emergency arrangements in place
  • Ensure you have the right licensing requirements when receiving explosives

Have your say

The HSE is inviting those involved in implementing the regulations as part of their daily work to get in touch.

Simply email your thoughts, views, opinions, experiences and questions to: dsharreview@hse.gsi.gov.uk

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