Leisurely about your safety duties?

With summer upon us, the Health and Safety Executive has updated its website to help those involved in leisure activities understand and implement their health and safety duties.

The leisure sector includes swimming, organised sporting activities, leisure centres, countryside visits, children’s play, motorised leisure pursuits as well as activities such as bungee jumping.

The online resource provides information on health and safety related to these leisure activities.

“It will help those involved in operating and managing leisure activities to decide what, if any, duties they have under health and safety law, and how to comply with them,” the HSE’s website reads.

“Participation in leisure activities should be an enjoyable experience. If there is a genuine risk, see what you can do to minimise that risk and still go ahead – it can often be done.”

Do the safety laws apply to me?

The Health and Safety at Work Act and corresponding regulations apply to:

  • Employers
  • Self-employed

If you fall into either of these categories then health and safety laws require that you do what is “reasonably practicable” to ensure good practice.

In addition to laying down the general duties employers have towards their employees, the Act also requires employers and the self-employed to protect people other than those at work.

These might include:

  • Volunteer staff such as coaches
  • Club members
  • Visiting teams
  • Spectators

For further information on your health and safety duties visit the HSE’s website

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