New senior appointments at HSE

The Health and Safety Executive has announced two new senior appointments as it looks to implement key recommendations in the Triennial Review.

Susan Mackenzie, the HSE’s current head of Energy Division, has been promoted to director of Hazardous Installations Directorate (HID). David Snowball, who presently resides as Scotland and Northern England regional director, is appointed as Director of Field Operations (FOD).

Susan Mackenzie, who was central in the creation of of the Regulator’s Energy Division (ED) in 2013, has been with the organisation for 23 years.

Speaking about the appointment, she said: “I’m delighted to have been appointed as director of HID and look forward to the challenges the role will present. It has been a privilege to be the first Head of Energy Division and I look forward to helping my successor and the industry drive forward and deliver the improvements we’ve agreed this year.”

Hazardous Installations Directorate

The Hazardous Installations Directorate oversees the effective regulation of major hazard industries where failures in safe management and risk control can lead to catastrophic harm to workers and the public at large.

Ms Mackenzie, a trained chemist, was “looking forward” to a more senior role in the biological agents and explosives sectors “both of whom are vital to the UK economy”.

“I am excited to be taking on greater responsibility for COMAH sites and the chemical sector. Chemicals are where I started both in terms of my degree and my career in HSE.”

Alongside the new role at HID, Ms Mackenzie will retain responsibility for the Energy Division and remain HSE’s representative on the Step Change Leadership Team.

Director of Field Operations

Mr Snowball, a veteran of 29 years at Britain’s national safety regulator, welcomed his appointment as Director of Field Operations.

“As HSE is constantly having to evolve to face the challenges in a changing industry landscape I feel very fortunate to be in a role where I can help set the direction for committed staff whose straightforward aim is to keep workers and others healthy and safe,” he said.

As FOD, Mr Snowball will be tasked with a range of regulatory responsibilities covering a wide-range of employment sectors.

These include construction, agriculture, general manufacturing, engineering, food and drink, quarries, entertainment, education, health services, local and central government and domestic gas safety.

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