Seveso puts public opinion at the heart of safety policies


The head of regulatory law at Shulmans LLP has said high hazard sites will have to take public opinion and concerns into account when formulating safety policies.

Lyn Dario made her comments in relation to the Seveso III Directive which is set to come into play across EU Member States by June 1st, 2015.

Under the rigours of Seveso III, operators tasked with handling dangerous substances above certain thresholds will be obliged to follow a number of steps. These include informing members of the public likely to be affected by an accident and providing safety reports.

“Effective public participation”

Speaking at the Humber Major Hazards Group’s annual conference in Stallingborough, Ms Dario underscored the need for public consultation.

“Effective public participation is necessary to ensure that public concern expressed is taken into account by decision makers to increase the accountability and transparency”, she said, detailing the legal implications of Seveso III.

Lyn Dario gets to grips with the legal implications of Seveso









Ms Dario is among a line-up of industry figureheads thrashing out the finer details of Seveso III at the one day event at Stallingborough-based training facility, CATCH.

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