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above ground storage tanks

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Survey: Energy Institute seeks industry input on above-ground petroleum storage tanks

The Energy Institute’s (EI) Containment Systems Working Group (CSWG) is calling on industry to help shape new above-ground storage tank guidance in a drive to establish industry good practice on remedial work to tank floors where an under tank liner is installed. A trio of surveys have been rolled out to gather expert views from [...]

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Learning from Disaster Series: Caribbean Petroleum

On October 23, 2009, a large explosion occurred at the Caribbean Petroleum Corporation (CAPECO) facility in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, during the off-loading of gasoline from a tanker ship to the CAPECO tank farm onshore. A 5-million gallon aboveground storage tank overflowed into a secondary containment dike. The gasoline spray aerosolized, forming a 107 acre vapour [...]

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