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Have a healthy and safe Christmas from Reynolds Training Services

It’s that time of the year again where we’d like to take a moment to thank all of our customers, partners, suppliers and friends. Merry Christmas to one and all, and a Happy New Year. Safe to say 2018 has flown by quicker than Santa’s sleigh. And, at Reynolds Training Services, we’ve had a [...]

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Emergency response planning with UM Storage Ltd: Case study

Be Prepared, the Scout’s motto, could have been coined to describe an Emergency Response Plan (ERP). In the high hazard sector risks run high, so being prepared is essential. That’s the approach Reynolds Training Services (RTS) takes and, indeed, is the backbone of its safety partnership with UM Storage Ltd. UM Storage operates bulk [...]

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Processing the value of safety performance Indicators

Process Safety Performance Indicators mark the difference between a safe and unsafe site. After all, the knowledge we acquire is critical to: Preventing major incidents such as Buncefield Learning from events to avoid similar occurrences in the future Accurate reporting informs decision makers, metrics providing a guide against which safety systems can be tailored [...]

The Three P’s: Plant, Process, People

Poor process safety management can have devastating impacts on sites and, equally, strong protective barriers can prevent, control and mitigate incidents. Good process safety management, of course, doesn’t happen by accident. It requires active engagement across all aspects of plant, process and people. Let’s take a look how the 3 P's work together in harmonious [...]

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Are you feeling competent?

So what is a competence management system? The Process Safety Leadership Group defines it as: “A combination of practical and thinking skills, experience and knowledge. It means the ability to undertake responsibilities and to perform activities to a recognised standard on a regular basis.” In plain old English, this simply means introducing arrangements to control [...]

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NEBOSH Occupational Safety qualification

The NEBOSH Health and Safety National General Certificate is the most popular  Health and Safety course  in the UK with over 175K people having gained the qualification. This favoured Health and Safety qualification covers main legal requirements for Health and Safety in the UK. This includes the identification and control of workplace hazards, and the [...]

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Can process safety be applied to smaller systems?

A process safety system is part art, part science. It’s a mixture of system skills and engineering for the prevention of catastrophic accidents such as fires, and toxic releases from explosions. Recent disasters such as 2005 Buncefield in the UK and BP’s Texas City refinery in the US illustrates the importance of good process safety [...]

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Occupational Health and Safety Training Courses in Lincolnshire

Occupational Health and Safety training is delivered by Reynolds Training Services at CATCH, Stallingborough. Reynolds Training Services  are a leading provider of Occupational Health and Safety education in the Lincolnshire region. The Occupational Health and Safety qualifications we offer are designed for companies and individuals in all sectors that want to gain knowledge and skills [...]

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Health and safety: should error be put on trial?

The nature versus nurture debate is as old as the human race. It’s one that permeates all facets of life, both personal and professional. Take the high hazard sector. In line with this thinking, it’s pertinent to ask: Can accidents really be prevented? Or are they an unfortunate eventuality? In reality, the debate is one [...]

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Processing the safety lessons of Seveso

Lessons to learn from Seveso disaster Background: 10th July 1976 The chemical release, which occurred in the small Italian town of Seveso, became a milestone in the development of European safety and environmental legislation.  A runaway chemical reaction released a toxic cloud into the atmosphere, causing large-scale contamination and environmental damage. The damage: Although [...]

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