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The biggest event in the bulk liquid storage calendar is the Tank Storage Association (TSA) Exhibition and Conference, which returned to the CBS Arena in Coventry on the 21st of September. And, here at Reynolds Training Services, we were thrilled to be participating in the prestigious event as the official bag sponsor.

The event is a key date for Reynolds Training Services, and has earned its status as the UK’s leading industry exhibition – bringing together a community of like-minded people who care about effective bulk liquid storage operations. We were excited to showcase blended learning solutions, industry-focused training courses and the power of apprenticeships in shaping the future of the tank storage sector.

Table of contents

  • Virtual Reynolds was a hit!
  • Empowering the future – What is the TSA Conference & Exhibition?
  • Investing in the future – Reynolds Training and VR
  • Apprenticeships in the future – Take action now!

Introducing Virtual Reynolds to the World

We are proud and delighted to confirm that our Virtual Reynolds 3D VR presentation was a massive hit – literally everyone we spoke to was blown away by the experience and excited about the possibilities that this cutting-edge technology offers.

This is very gratifying after many months of work. But, this is just the beginning – the first hint of the shape of things to come:

TSA Conference & Exhibition – Empowering The Future

The TSA Conference & Exhibition is a highly-regarded event in the tank storage industry. It serves as an important platform for professionals, companies and organisations involved in the storage of bulk liquids, including chemicals, petrochemicals, oil and other critical substances. Here’s what makes it so successful year-on-year:

1. Amazing networking opportunities

Gathering together industry experts, decision-makers and stakeholders, the event builds connections between potential clients, suppliers, partners and peers to establish valuable relationships and collaborations.

2. Important industry insights

The event boasted a diverse program of presentations from experts in their fields, including Mental Wellbeing in the Tank Storage Sector, How to be Fit for Purpose in the 21st Century, Next Steps for Terminal Infrastructure, and Health and Safety in the Changing Energy Landscape.

3. Powerful product & service showcases

We’ve always enjoyed the chance to meet many innovative exhibitors and explore their latest developments, emerging technologies and equipment – getting to see, firsthand, how these can enhance the efficiency, safety and compliance of operations.

4. Knowledge, intelligence & compliance

The TSA Conference & Exhibition is also a chance to talk shop with the world’s leading professionals in Market Analysis, Industry Forecasts, Expansion Strategies and Best Practices. Experts also share experiences, challenges and guidance on areas such as navigating complex compliance requirements.

5. Development, expansion & competition

The conference is an avenue for growth – both personally and professionally. On an individual level, we always feel that it has helped enhance our skills and knowledge, helping us to stay ahead of the curve. From a business perspective, there are opportunities to expand into new markets, seek investment opportunities and forge strategic partnerships.

Reynolds Training Services – Investing In The Future

Industry evolves, learning should too. The Reynolds Training team set to make a significant impact by showcasing cutting-edge blended learning solutions, including Virtual Reynolds.

Virtual Reynolds, making safety a reality

One of the main highlights of our stand was the soon-to-be-launched Virtual Reynolds, a groundbreaking virtual reality-based learning platform. Through our immersive and interactive training modules, we provide a safe and controlled environment for individuals and teams to learn and practise essential industrial safety skills.

Virtual Reynolds enables learners to immerse themselves in realistic scenarios, enhancing their understanding of complex processes and safety protocols. This technology not only makes training more engaging but also more effective, ensuring workers are equipped to tackle the challenges they may face in their roles. At the CBS Arena in Coventry, we invited attendees to put on the Virtual Reynolds’ headset and enter our emulated tank farm and training plant.

This demo was a world’s first!

With a range of industry-leading courses at your fingertips, explore a new world of training possibilities for your business and get ready to change the way your site safety trains.

Training courses, by industry for industry

Our commitment to excellence is exemplified through our comprehensive training courses, backed by the world’s leading awarding bodies – NEBOSH, IOSH, GQA, Qualsafe and our own Reynolds courses. At the TSA Conference & Exhibition, attendees had the opportunity to discover and discuss a wide range of health and safety courses, covering:

  • Process Safety: In an industry where safety is of utmost importance, Process Safety courses equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to mitigate risks, prevent accidents, and ensure well-being of all involved.
  • Emergency Response: Rapid and effective response to emergencies is critical in the tank storage sector. Reynolds Training Services offers courses that prepare individuals to handle various emergency situations with confidence and competence.
  • Workplace Health & Safety: A safe working environment is essential. Our Workplace Health & Safety courses empower organisations to create and maintain safe workplaces, reducing accidents and ensuring regulations are followed.
  • Competence Management: Building and maintaining a skilled workforce is key to success. Our Competence courses help businesses in nurturing talent and fostering growth within their teams.

These courses ensure employees receive the highest standards of quality and relevance. However, they’re not just about acquiring knowledge, but building a culture of safety, competence, and excellence within the tank storage industry. Importantly, they are flexible to suit your needs – so can be taken at your site, our site, or online.

Apprenticeships for 2024, action now

Looking for an apprentice next year? Missed the boat this year? Get on board now. We strongly encourage companies who are considering taking on apprentices in 2024 to start the process now. This not only helps to secure your organisation’s future, but also costs virtually nothing – thanks to the Apprenticeship Levy Fund. At the TSA Conference & Exhibition, we chatted more about this, along with the benefits of investing in apprenticeships:

  • Skilled workforce: Train talent to meet your specific needs, ensuring that your team is highly skilled and aligned with your goals.
  • Increased safety: Promote a culture of safety from the very beginning, instilling best practices and safety protocols in new recruits.
  • Customisation: Tailor to match your unique requirements, aligning training perfectly with your business processes.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Leverage the Apprenticeship Levy Fund to significantly reduce the financial burden of training new talent, making it an attractive option for businesses of all sizes.

At Reynolds Training, we’ve pioneered the use of apprenticeships as a way of ensuring industry has a pipeline of qualified and experienced new Operators to keep the fuel flowing and secure the transition of future fuels. Unleash the potential of your workforce for a skilled and safer future.

A busy day on Stand 48

To say that the TSA Exhibition & Conference 2023 was a success would be a massive understatement.

We were so busy this year, showing an endless stream of fascinated delegates what we’re doing with VR, we didn’t get a lot of time to wander the halls and see what else was on offer. A great problem to have!

What was even better, was the way that word got round and people came to us. It was great to meet up with old friends, and make many new ones – including individuals from:

We also caught up with our great friends, Peter Davidson and Nunzia Florio, of the TSA itself and talked at length with Greg Emmenis from Tank Storage magazine and Margaret Major from Fuel Oil News.

If you’d like to know what all the fuss was about, pop over to the Virtual Reynolds page. Don’t forget, if you have any questions about how we can work together to use VR to enhance your own training provision, just get in touch by phone or by filling in the form, below.

Here at Reynolds Training, we are tireless supporters of the Tank Storage Association. We had the privilege of hosting their annual board meeting on Tuesday, June the 20th.

It was great to meet them and have a very productive discussion about skills in the bulk storage sector. We also had the opportunity to take the board on a tour of our facilities at the National Centre for Process & Manufacturing (NCPM), which Martyn Lyons (a Non Executive Director of the TSA) was kind enough to describe as: “ … the best possible facilities for practical hands-on training of apprentices and trainees.”

The TSA Board pays a visit to Reynolds Training – left to right: Peter Davidson, Arunan Sriskanda, Wilma Kelly & Martyn Lyons.

The TSA’s 8th Annual Review

Now, a week on, The TSA has published its 2023 Annual Review, which sheds light on the UK’s storage industry. This is the 8th Review they’ve published since 2015 and it offers a comprehensive collection of statistics and profound insights on terminals, process safety, occupational health and safety, and the industry’s significant contributions to the UK economy.

This year, they are focussing on our sector’s vital contribution to energy resilience and security of supply. Inevitably, they are also looking at the crucial role we play in delivering energy transition and the UK’s challenging carbon reduction ambitions.

As President of the TSA, Wilma Kelly, puts it in her introduction: “Today, our sector is investing, innovating, and leading the way to seize the opportunities of tomorrow. As our industry evolves, skills and workforce progression will play a central role.”

Well, that’s music to our ears as we, at Reynolds Training, are committed to producing successful candidates who have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to build a successful career that could take them all the way to the board rooms of our sector.

What is the TSA?

The TSA serves as a representative body, advocating for the interests of over 70 member companies actively involved in the storage of bulk liquids and the provision of related products and services. They operate an impressive network of 309 terminals and distribution hubs throughout the UK and Ireland, boasting a storage capacity of approximately 11 million m3.

By facilitating seamless interactions among sea, road, rail, and pipeline logistics, TSA’s members play a vital role in the transportation and storage of diverse substances, including heating fuels, chemicals, animal feed and foodstuffs.

With their extensive expertise and industry influence, the TSA and its members shape the future of the storage and energy infrastructure sector. From ensuring safety and security to optimising operational efficiency, these companies continuously strive to meet the evolving needs of the industry while maintaining their commitment to environmental stewardship.

Get your copy of the TSA 2023 Annual Review

The TSA 2023 Annual Review is full of fascinating insights and food for future thought.

To download your copy for free – directly from the TSA – just click here.

Here at Reynolds Training, we are thrilled to announce that we have, once again, received approval from the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) for our unique Level 3 Diploma in Bulk Storage Operator (Technician) qualification.

The original endorsement was granted in 2020 and marked the first time a Level 3 Diploma had been approved by IChemE. Consequently, we are now the first training organisation to have its Level 3 approval renewed. This renewed approval extends our accreditation until 2026.

Tasos Dedes, a Professional Development Executive at IChemE, confirmed the renewal by stating, “We are delighted to confirm that both the qualification and the competencies being delivered by the apprenticeship have been approved.”

Reynolds Training: Commended for Professionalism & Enthusiasm

During the evaluation process, IChemE assessors commended us for the professionalism and enthusiasm of our staff. They also expressed their appreciation for our highly-committed learners, who serve as outstanding ambassadors for our program and their respective employers.

Furthermore, IChemE highlighted our exceptional simulation facility, known as the National Chemical and Process Industries Monitoring (NCPM) facility. Equipped with a full-scale tank farm, the NCPM provides a realistic and professional environment for trainee engineers. It offers invaluable work-based experience, allowing them to tackle real-world problem-solving and risk assessment related to major accident hazards.

The Level 3 Diploma in Bulk Storage Operator (Technician) as validated by the awarding body, GQA, is an integral part of our two-year apprenticeship program, which places a strong emphasis on process and occupational safety, human factors, emergency response, and technical operations. The program combines vocational and academic learning, comprising both a qualification and a comprehensive vocational experience.

Level 3 Diploma: It’s not just for Apprentices

An important consideration with our Level 3 Diploma in Bulk Storage Operator (Technician) qualification is that it isn’t just appropriate for Apprentices

Indeed, we actively encourage time-served Operational staff who have ambitions to create a career path for themselves, to take the qualification, too.

Our Level 3 qualification is a fantastic way to upskill and lay the foundation of a better career. This is great for staff retention, ideal for improved productivity and profitability, as well as being a key step towards delivering the energy transition future to which the whole sector is committed

Here at Reynolds Training, it’s important to us to ensure that we’re not just offering these skills and qualifications to individuals coming into the sector at foundation level. The Level 3 qualification element offers people – who are already experienced in and committed to the sector – the opportunity to gain the same level of expertise and receive the same qualification as those entering the sector.

This ensures a level (3) playing field for Operators and offers great opportunities for all.

IChemE: Why this Matters

IChemE holds a licence from the Engineering Council to approve either or both of these components for colleges and training providers delivering engineering apprenticeships. By obtaining IChemE’s approval for our level 3 qualification, we have reaffirmed the value of this pathway to technical recognition within the sector.

Apprentices who embark on this journey can work towards achieving the prestigious professional Engineering Technician (EngTech) qualification. Apprentices who have undertaken the Level 3 qualification can also continue to develop their Operational Career Pathway and can expect to progress from their Operational role in whichever career direction they choose – be that to become a Charge Hand, Supervisor, Quality Controller, Safety Professional or Manager.

At Reynolds Training, we are immensely proud to receive the renewed approval from IChemE. It serves as a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional training and ensuring our learners are equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for success in the industry. With this continued endorsement, we look forward to continuing our mission of developing highly skilled professionals in the field of bulk storage operations.

How you can get Fully-Trained Apprentices for FREE!

We don’t do the hard sell, we believe the benefits of our Apprenticeship programme speak for themselves. Also, don’t forget, if you contribute to the Apprenticeship Levy, then your Apprentice’s training is already paid for. And, even if you don’t contribute to the Levy, you can receive funding up to 95% of the cost. So what have you got to lose? Nothing. But you have a huge amount to gain!

If you’re considering the value of taking on Apprentices and need to know more – or want advice on drawing down the funding – just get in touch by filling-out the form below …

As part of our continued drive to support the Bulk Liquid sector, we are rolling out a couple of Open Workshops, namely the Level 2 Diploma in Bulk Liquid Operations and Level 3 Diploma for a Bulk Storage Operator Technician.

We’ve offered these workshops many times before, on a strictly bespoke basis – where we were commissioned by client companies to offer this important training to their staff. Now, for the first time, we are opening these knowledge workshops to you and anyone else who is interested in earning these important diplomas.

But, if you’ll forgive the hard sell, you’ll have to hurry because places are strictly limited on both workshops, which will be running at our training facility in Stallingborough.

We believe this Open Workshop route provides the best and most cost-effective option for those wishing to upskill in Bulk Liquid and Bulk Storage Operations.

Here are the dates for your diary:

  • Level 2 Diploma in Bulk Liquid Operations – 03rd July to 07th July – 5 spaces available at time of writing
  • Level 3 Diploma for a Bulk Storage Operator Technician – 10th July to 21st July – Spaces available at time of writing

Why choose Reynolds Training?

Reynolds Training is the world’s foremost authority in safety training for the Bulk Liquid Storage and Processing sector. With a huge range of accredited courses from NEBOSH, IOSH, GQA and Qualsafe, we take the pain out of the way you train – with engaging and interactive learning experiences delivered in the classroom, onsite and virtually.

We are helping businesses to ensure safe and profitable continuity of business, whilst helping individuals to advance in their careers, reduce risks to themselves, their colleagues and their workplaces, ensure compliance, save lives and protect our environment.

Reynolds Training goes above and beyond traditional classroom learning by incorporating hands-on practical training in our programmes. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in real-world scenarios, simulations, and exercises that mirror the challenges faced in bulk liquid operations.

This blended learning approach, incorporating both classroom-based theory and practical on-site experiential learning equips learners with the knowledge, skills, confidence and competences needed to tackle the complexities of Bulk Liquid Operations.

Now, let’s look at what these workshops are offering in a bit more detail …

Level 2 Diploma in Bulk Liquid Operations

This 5-day interactive knowledge workshop is designed to refresh and inform operational personnel on the hazards, risks and controls within the Bulk Liquid Operation Environment.

Built around a range of core knowledge units, with a blend of classroom, workshop and onsite activities. These units include subjects such as:

  • How to monitor and maintain equipment and infrastructure
  • How to prepare pipelines and hoses
  • How to control the transfer of bulk liquid products
  • How to provide product control information
  • How to establish and maintain effective working relationships
  • How to contribute to the safety of bulk liquid operations

This qualification confirms occupational competence in Bulk Liquid Operations at Level 2. On successful completion of the course learners can, if they wish, progress to Team Leader and Management roles, or proceed to the Level 3 qualification.

Level 3 Diploma for a Bulk Storage Operator Technician

This 10-day interactive workshop is designed to elevate existing bulk liquid operators and to provide recognition of the technical / supervisory knowledge, understanding and performance of those working at Technician level within a Bulk Storage Operations Environment.

To achieve the Diploma, learners must complete 24 mandatory units, plus additional units are available if needed. These units include subjects such as:

  • How to start-up plant and equipment
  • How to operate plant and equipment
  • How to shut-down and prepare plant and equipment
  • How to work safely
  • How to manage and control quality
  • How to comply with external and internal obligations
  • How to monitor, check and resolve abnormal conditions
  • How to manage product transfer information
  • How to respond to business and role requirements
  • How to achieve continuous improvement and control effectiveness
  • Understand personal skills and communication
  • Understand emergency response

Successful candidates will attain and demonstrate the current optimum level of knowledge, understanding and performance of competence for complex operations within the Bulk Storage Downstream sector at Technician Level.

Progression from this qualification includes advancing into both Supervisory and Management roles and responsibilities.

Generous Discounts for TSA Members

We have always supported the work of the TSA (Tank Storage Association). They were good enough to help us promote these courses here and of course, wherever possible, we are happy to offer a generous discount for TSA members who enrol on our courses.

But, why are we such keen supporters of their work? Simple; they help to make our entire sector a better place to work.

The TSA plays a pivotal role in the bulk liquid storage industry, representing the interests of companies involved in the bulk storage of liquid products. The association acts as a united voice for its members, advocating for their needs and concerns to regulatory bodies and government agencies.

The TSA has successfully established itself as a leading authority, providing guidance and promoting best practices in safety, environmental sustainability and operational excellence within the industry. The association also fosters collaboration and knowledge-sharing among its members, facilitating continuous improvement and innovation.

With its dedication to promoting the highest standards in the industry, the TSA has made significant contributions to the safe and efficient storage of bulk liquids, earning the trust and respect of its members and stakeholders alike.

This is why we’re looking forward to returning to Coventry in September, for the Tank Storage Conference and Exhibition. It’s always a highlight of the conference season.

Enrol Now!

So, don’t miss out on the chance to enhance and advance your career.

Enrol in our Level 2 Diploma in Bulk Liquid Operations, or our Level 3 Diploma for a Bulk Storage Operator Technician Open Workshops.

Gain industry-recognised qualifications – with GQA accreditation – and learn from time-served experienced professionals who are passionate about your success.

Solve your safety training puzzle with Reynolds Training. Just get in touch by filling-out the form below …

We had a great couple of days attending CHEMUK 2023 at the NEC, Birmingham. We were in Hall 1 on stand N84 along with our partners CATCH.

Exhibitions and events like this are a great way to meet and network with like-minded businesses; the movers and the shakers of the chemicals industries were all there. As well as demonstrating what steps Reynolds Training is making into the future, it was a fascinating chance to discover what innovations are being developed by other cutting-edge companies from around the world.

The diversity of the sector and the range of operations different businesses undertake was a real eye-opener. We took away real practical ideas about how we can coordinate with our clients to potentially mirror their operations, to blend the learning we do at our site into their operations.

Unveiling Virtual Reynolds

For our part, we were excited to be demonstrating something that we’ve put years of R&D into: Virtual Reynolds. It gives us great pleasure to reveal the logo for this new concept in process and safety training:

As part of our mission to create the most immersive, inter-connected blended learning environment – we’ve developed Virtual Reynolds as an enhanced, interactive training experience unlike anything we’ve seen elsewhere. Everyone who has seen the system in operation has agreed, it’s a game changer!

It’s early days, yet, but this new venture will be the future of safety training. There are innumerable applications which we will be developing over the coming months. We will also be liaising with our clients and the wider industry to learn how the application of VR can improve their training provision. We’d love to know what applications you’d like to see us putting VR to.

VR will be the next generation of immersive learning. It offers candidates unrivalled access to process operations, in order to become familiar with the equipment that is involved in live systems. The revolution is that learners will be able to do this from anywhere in the world and long before they actually set foot in a tank farm.

Reynolds Training into the Future

Over the two-day event, we were exhibiting with our close partner CATCH, showcasing our range of courses, competency assessment programmes, and CALMcloud; our unique Competency Assessment and Learning Management system, along with showcasing our joint venture with CATCH, the National Centre for Process & Manufacturing (NCPM).

We like to think we also had the most attention-grabbing and distinctive stand, thanks to our friends at the Design and Marketing agency, CMA. Here’s what they whipped-up for us:

CHEMUK – A Three-Dimensional Event …

CHEMUK is now the UK’s preeminent annual Chemical, Laboratory & Process Industries show. This year, there were over 400 exhibitors, plus more than 150 expert speakers who, over two days, focused on the challenges, solutions and opportunities affecting the UK’s Chemical & Chemical Product industries.

This year, CHEMUK offered three events in one! There’s:

1: The Chemical Industries Supply Chain Show

This shone a spotlight on our infrastructure of organisations which provide products, services & equipment in areas which include:

  • Chemicals
  • Raw Materials & Ingredients
  • Chemical Logistics
  • Transportation
  • Storage & Containment
  • Labelling & Packaging
  • HSE Management & Regulatory Compliance

This offered a great chance to keep up-to-date on the latest trends, techniques, and technologies in supply chain management – from the rise of IoT (Internet of Things), robotics and AI, to the latest advances in analytics and automation.

2: The Chemical, Process and Plant Engineering Show

This showcased the latest technology and specialist services across the chemical and wider process industries including:

  • Process Plant / Chemical Unit Equipment / Process Ancillaries & Consumables
  • CHEMICAL 4.0 / Digital / Automation
  • Plant Energy Management
  • Catalysis & Reaction Engineering
  • Heat Exchanger technology / Thermal transfer innovation
  • Control Valves & Actuators / Digital & Automation
  • Pipes, Hoses, Tubing & Fittings
  • Flow Technologies

It was a chance to learn about the very latest ways businesses are improving their processes, efficiency, and overall performance. It was also a great opportunity for suppliers, vendors and, of course, training providers to exchange ideas, share best practices and gain valuable insights into the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the industry.

3: The Chemlab Laboratory & Innovation Show

And, for the first time in 2023, there’s was the CHEMLAB Show, which showcased specialist laboratory chemicals and chemical equipment suppliers supporting processes including …

  • Research & Development,
  • Process Design & Development
  • Quality Testing

… within the Chemical & Chemical Product industries. CHEMLAB featured contributions by laboratory professionals from across the chemical industries.

CHEMUK Keynote Speakers

CHEMUK also offered a chance to hear from some of the speakers – such as Professor Gill Reid, President of RSC – the Royal Society of Chemistry – a genuinely passionate advocate for our sector – discussing the opportunities she sees for our future and the priorities she has for her time as President.

And, we’re always keen to support the work of IChemE – the Institution of Chemical Engineers. Three IChemE Fellows delivered unmissable keynote presentations and discussed their work and the specialist training courses they offer.

Ask us about Virtual Reynolds

If you’d like to know more about our plans for this cutting-edge technology, don’t hesitate to get in touch. As we develop our VR offering, we’ll be keeping you up-to-date via our social platforms on LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. But, don’t forget, if you have thoughts or questions about what VR training can do for your staff and your business, just drop us a line.


Reynolds Training Services is delighted to confirm we’ve successfully renewed our prestigious ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certification.

John Reynolds, Managing Director of Reynolds Training Services commented: “This certification assures customers and partners that Reynolds Training Services is a trusted quality-conscious company.”

We first achieved the ISO 9001:2015 seal of approval in 2021, and we have now passed our second successive ‘Continuing Assessment’ visit. This is great news for us as a business, of course, but is testimony to the hard work being done by the whole team here at Reynolds Training.

It’s also great news for our learners and their employers, as it shows that we continue to improve in the way we offer the finest health and safety and process training available to the bulk storage sector. This is just part of our commitment to maintaining the very highest standards. We are striving constantly to improve our business at every stage.

About the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems certification

ISO 9001 is the internationally recognized Quality Management System (QMS) standard that is designed to be a powerful business improvement tool.

This mark of trust is the world’s quality system of choice, with over a million organisations around the globe improving their operations with this management system standard. An ISO 9001:2015 certification helps a business to continually monitor and manage quality and identify areas for improvement.

The ISO 9001 helps and encourages businesses to:

  • Continually improve, streamline operations and reduce costs
  • Win more business and compete in tenders
  • Satisfy more customers
  • Be more resilient and build a sustainable business
  • Show strong corporate governance
  • Work effectively with stakeholders and supply chain

Reynolds Training’s ISO 9001 QMS certification was awarded by the British Standards Institution (BSI). This is the national standards body of the United Kingdom and is considered by many to be the gold standard for ISO 9001 certification.

In summing up this renewal, John Reynolds concluded: “At Reynolds Training Services, we pride ourselves on the quality of development and delivery of our services … maintaining the rigorous criteria set by BSI to achieve ISO 9001:2015 underpins our quality performance and our desire to continually improve.”

If you’d like to know more about the ISO standards and the excellence of our offering, don’t hesitate to get in touch by sending an email to or call +44 (0) 1469 558 222.


Reynolds Training Services returned to StocExpo at Rotterdam Ahoy and had an amazing time!

StocExpo is the leading event for the international bulk liquid and gas storage sector. All the major players were there, so it’s right and proper that the world’s leading provider of competency management and safety training was there too, to renew old acquaintances and introduce our training programmes to new potential clients.

The theme of the event was ‘The Future of Tank Storage’ which is something we, at Reynolds Training, are involved with every day!

The Future of Tank Storage

As you know, everything we do at Reynolds Training is geared towards future-proofing our industry by equipping all of our graduates with the tools they need to thrive in a transitional fuel future and forge a career.

StocExpo was a great chance for us to spend some quality time with the businesses at the cutting-edge of our ever-changing sector. We discussed how the market is evolving, how regulations are changing nationally and internationally, and what strategies are in place to deliver a more sustainable non-fossil-fuel-dependant future.

We also saw some of the incredible pioneering technologies being deployed to transform the way we work in this sector.

This will help all-concerned to create a more joined-up approach to competency management process and safety training.

It’s a chance for us to have our say when it comes to influencing the future of training and developing sustainable career pathways – by giving us a chance to learn exactly what business needs now from their staff and will need in the future.

Rotterdam, Ahoy!

The great benefit of a live event like this is not only the opportunity to demonstrate what great innovations we at Reynolds Training are bringing to our sector, but to meet, learn from and be inspired by industry leaders and pioneers from across the globe.

For example, we enjoyed a fascinating conversation with Jean Paul Crouzoulon, President of Kemiwatt. We talked about the future of Flow Energy utilising Bulk Storage Tanks to store liquids and generate electrical energy. We also covered future fuels, new technology, existing infrastructure and enveloping skills. It was great to touch base with someone of a like mind.

Other highlights included meeting the team behind Forza’s hydrogen-fuelled racing car which has already proven that hydrogen-electric race cars can beat fossil-fuel cars. Where next? Is hydrogen the future of road transport?

We’ve seen the future and it will work!

Our four big takeaways from the event…

🟥 Future Planning. We saw inspirational speakers from all corners, discussing the path to 2030 and 2050. And we need to be planning that future now! There were some great key visions and the expo was a fabulous forum to underpin that discussion and potential routes forward.

🟦 Future Fuels. No, as an industry, we don’t yet have all the answers, but we are inspired whilst working towards a common green goal and maintaining the supply of legacy fuels.

⬜️ Future Terminals. What will they look like? What do we need to start building now, to service society’s needs in 10, 20, 30 years? Which direction are respective governments and world leaders pushing? What about investment, where will it come from and in what will it be invested? So many variables to consider and we have to be aware of them all!

🟨 Future Skills. Career pathways will increase in importance if we are to fill the gaps created by skilled and experienced workers departing the sector. This pathway needs a clear future vision, led constructively with knowledge and skills at its core, building on the experience of others and of those joining the sector. We need to challenge old methods, champion inherent safety and be willing to work towards change.
Those are our four future-focused takeaways from StocExpo 2023.

The Future According to Reynolds Training

Being aware of industrial developments and innovations is especially important as our businesses change & evolve. Industry needs competent, safe, trained workers and we are the training provider who will make that happen.

That’s why we, at Reynolds Training, are constantly evolving and improving our own offering and widening the career pathway within the sector.

Let’s take a look…

Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers

We at Reynolds Training were proud to pioneer the UK’s first Bulk Liquid Storage Apprenticeship.

As a registered apprenticeship training provider, we continue to adapt and improve that pathway into the sector, ensuring it continues to deliver the finest, most relevant training opportunities for apprentices and provides the strongest foundations for their career development.

You can learn more about our Apprenticeship provision here.

If you’d like to know more about the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers, you can read all about it here, at Gov.UK.

Improving the NCPM

We’re expanding the learning facilities at the UK’s leading fully-operational tank farm and process plant training facility. The National Centre For Process & Manufacturing is our revolutionary and unique hands-on training facility, developed in association with CATCH.

Our new on-site training room offers direct access to the NCPM Tank Farm and Process Plant. This enables us to continue raising the bar in respect of hands-on practical training for apprentices and experienced learners alike. It also underpins the theoretical aspects of the wide scope of training we develop and deliver.

The new room is also equipped with direct access to the Honeywell Entis Experion and Emerson Automation Solutions Delta V DCS, improving the knowledge and understanding our learners can develop. Both of these systems can also be accessed remotely anywhere in the world (utilising military-grade encryption) and providing remote operational access.

We have further supported this remote access with full CCTV coverage across the whole of the site, providing the ability to not only operate the relevant DCS, but also have ‘eyes’ on the operational input and output.

We are busy developing a ‘Present 4D’ Virtual Reality Suite which will provide a full overview of the plant and equipment at the NCPM. This is another huge leap forward in emulating the environments our learners will find themselves in, once they are working in the industry.

You can learn more about NCPM, here.

Promoting CALMcloud

As well as offering the state-of-the-art hands-on facilities at the NCPM, we also have our online platform for consistently and efficiently managing competency.

The simple fact is: more competent workers are more efficient and effective. This is why we believe it is crucial to not only train people, embedding knowledge and developing skills, but to also assess their competency onsite. It’s all part of what we call ‘blended learning’.

Whether you’re training on your site or ours, or online, CALMcloud can track all your achievements, as well as your competence assessment and CPD, then keep an ongoing record all in one place.

And that place is here!

Reynolds Training: into the future

StocExpo 2023 was such an amazing, informative event that we’ve already booked for 2024. We’ll be there and we’re bringing the future with us!

If you’d like to talk about any of the incredible projects we showcased at StocExpo 2023, you’d like to chat about possible developments for 2024 or you have a training need that only the premier provider of safety and competence training to the sector can supply, touch base.

Call +44 1469 558 222, email, or fill out the form:

chemuk20222 and stocExpo

Exhibitions and events are a great way to meet and network with your peers, share knowledge and expertise, build relationships with potential new providers and hear from some movers and shakers in the industry.

It is safe to say that the pandemic decimated live events, but 2022 sees most of these back on, and we are delighted to be exhibiting at two very prestigious events in May 2022.

CHEMUK 2022 11th and 12th May

The first is CHEMUK at the NEC, Birmingham, a two-in-one event featuring The Chemical Industries Supply Chain Show and The Chemical, Process and Plant Engineering Show.

The event presents over 350 exhibitors and over 100 industry expert speakers. Four stages cover the areas;

  • Chemical Business & Supply Chain
  • Sustainability
  • Process, Plant & Laboratory
  • Digitisation

Reynolds will be exhibiting with our close partner CATCH, showcasing Reynolds courses, competency assessment programmes, and CALMcloud; our unique Competency Assessment and Learning Management system, along with showcasing our joint venture with CATCH, the National Centre for Process & Manufacturing (NCPM).

We are on Stand K43 and would love to see you, so if you are attending the event, please pop over for a chat.

StocExpo 23rd – 25th May

We shall be crossing the water to attend StocExpo in Rotterdam at the end of the month. This is the largest and longest-running international bulk liquid storage event and is a fantastic opportunity to inspire, connect and share knowledge with like-minded people in the tank storage community.

The event brings together thought leaders from across the world to discuss the future of the bulk storage industry, and we are very excited to be part of it.

In addition to exhibiting, John Reynolds will also be running some short review sessions utilising our exceptional plant facilities here at the NCPM, accessing our Honeywell Experion DCS and Emmerson Delta V remotely, and demonstrating the versatility of process control.

We hope you can join us on stand 6B, or can attend one of our training sessions.

The National Infrastructure Commission paid a visit to CATCH this week to discuss levelling up the industries around the Humber Estuary.

They were particularly interested in the opportunities for a bright future which are offered by our technical training facility, the National Centre for Process and Manufacturing (NCPM), a joint venture between Reynolds Training Services Ltd and CATCH.

Here at Reynolds Training, we have always maintained the value of skills and education in levelling up both our area and our industry. For twelve years, we have been actively involved in promoting the importance of developing skills and knowledge for future generations. This is the philosophy behind everything we do, including our ongoing support and investment in the NCPM.

John Reynolds, Managing Director of Reynolds Training, said:

“The NCPM offers a wide range of opportunities particularly within the knowledge and skills development for the energy sector. It was great to be invited by David Talbot (CEO of CATCH) to outline the core attributes of the system and key partnership that we are developing between CATCH/Reynolds Training to the National Infrastructure Commission”

This is all part of a nationwide campaign dedicated to levelling up key industrial areas outside of London. The attention and investment this region has already received demonstrates the key role we continue to play in the nation’s infrastructure.

On July 15th, this year, the Prime Minister gave his ‘levelling up’ speech. In it, he detailed the government’s commitment to offering growth opportunities to people all across Britain.

As he said:

“Everyone knows that talent and energy and enthusiasm and flair are evenly spread across the UK … and it is the mission of this government to unite and level up across the whole UK not just because that is morally right but because if we fail then we are simply squandering vast reserves of human capital. We are failing to allow people to fulfil their potential and we are holding our country back.

There’s no denying that the entire nation is full of people who could build fine careers and fantastic futures for themselves, if they did but get the opportunities.

The Humber Estuary has been spotlighted in this because it plays – and will continue to play – a hugely significant role in the nation’s infrastructure. This means that the industries around the Humber will offer fantastic opportunities to people with the right knowledge and skills.

Back in 2018, Grimsby signed the first ‘Town Deal’, which promised a staggering £60m of investment.

Sir John Armitt, chair of the National Infrastructure Commission, said: “That Town Deal was founded on four very clear and still very relevant areas of focus: providing economic growth; accelerating housing delivery; town centre and port regeneration and education and skills.”

Commissioner Neale Coleman – of the National Infrastructure Commission – further highlighted the national importance of the entire Humber Estuary region – the so-called ‘Energy Estuary’:

“Across the Humber at the moment we have potential for huge and exciting economic growth, with agendas around wind energy, industrial decarbonisation, hydrogen…” and he went on to detail how the companies involved in delivering this exciting future need to be committed to communicating with the local region: “…they need to be in dialogue locally because we want to make sure as they expand, as new jobs are created, local communities really do feel the benefit of that.”

To play an important and long-term role in the evolution of the energy sector, we need to ensure that people entering the job market have the necessary skills and competencies to thrive in this industry – and in this region – for decades to come. Similarly, those already in the industry deserve to receive the leadership and training they need to adapt and thrive as the industry evolves.

That is why we, at Reynolds Training, are committed to helping our learners build a worklife-long career for themselves, rather than just training them to get a job for now.

Here at Reynolds Training, we feel that everyone involved in education and training has always been engaged in levelling up – in giving people the tools they need to find and make the most of great career opportunities. It’s great to see a national commitment to this – and even better that this rhetoric is backed-up by significant financial investment.

Read more about the visit from the National Infrastructure Commission and the opportunities it affords to the region, here.

To learn more about the range of courses we offer, check out our full list, here.

At Reynolds Training Services, our mission has always been to create a recognised career pathway for the Bulk Storage Operations sector, achieving this through a ‘Blended Learning’ approach, not only providing the knowledge, skills and experience, but also ensuring personnel learn how to learn throughout their whole work life. The goal is to achieve this via a range of delivery methods “on your site, on our site and online”.

But, how did we arrive at this mission?

At Reynolds Training Services, we firmly believe that our history – our journey, if you will – is like a pipeline, full of elbow joints and branches, pressure points, release valves and measurements. But, all of these are really just opportunities to change direction, change speed, or take stock. They’re all part of the journey.

When we first turned the tap on Reynolds Training Services, in 2009, we had no idea where it would take us. Now, we have a very good idea of where we want to be and how to get there.

Even before 2009, our founder – John Reynolds – had already taken a long and winding journey. As his father had, before him, John began his career by going into the forces – rising through the ranks in the Royal Corps of Transport.  John’s military career steered him into logistics and fuel handling and, latterly, into training recruits, something for which he developed a genuine talent.

After 10 accomplished years in the army, which saw him travel the globe from Germany, through Canada and the UK, John decided to take the wheel and steer his career in a different direction. So, back on civvy street, he commenced a career in bulk storage terminals, where he developed his wider knowledge and skills in all aspects of the storage sector and honed his training skills.

During this period, John realised the importance of the interconnected nature of the bulk liquid and gas storage industry, as well as its crucial role in keeping the wheels of wider industry turning.

Similarly, John became aware that the industry needed a more interconnected approach to health & safety and technical training, to ensure that those who find their way into the industry can develop a whole work life approach to their development and enjoy a successful, rewarding and safe career.

So it was that, in 2009, Reynolds Training Services Ltd took to the road.

Reynolds Training Services – An Unexpected Journey

With his background in Training and Assessment, John Reynolds saw a chance to play an instrumental role in leveling-up the quality of the training provision in the bulk liquid and gas storage sector.  So, in July 2009, he began working from home (long before that was fashionable) with a small client list – including his previous employers – and big ambitions.

Within 12 months, John and his growing team moved into offices in the Europarc business estate, outside his home town of Grimsby, which allowed us to widen the range of services offered and begin to forge relationships with other training providers delivering Oil and Gas qualifications.

At this time, we earned our first accreditation, from the Process Awards Authority, PAAVQSet, which was the principal Awarding Body, at the time, for our range of qualifications and in particular our Level 2 Diploma in Bulk Liquid Operations.

PAAVQSet has now evolved into GQA Qualifications, and we still maintain a good, productive relationship with them.

This was soon followed by our being awarded ‘Centre Status’ by IOSH – the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. This would then lead to our first course approval from IOSH for Process Safety Management.

In 2010, we also made an appearance at our first conference with the Tank Storage Association Annual Exhibition. We have attended every TSA Conference since and support their vision for our sector.

Reynolds Training Services – Moving On Up

Over the next few years, we worked with NSAPI (National Skills Academy Process Industries) on a range of standards for Process Safety Management. We also took on additional associate trainers, to broaden and strengthen our team, and we hired a full-time accounts and admin person.

Seeing a need for a user-friendly online competency management service, we launched iLearn (which has now evolved into CALMcloud) the first dedicated platform for integrating learning for the Bulk Liquid Operations Sector.

Simply put, CALMcloud (which stands for ‘Competency Assessment Learning Management in the cloud’) is an online portal for managing competence. It is a platform created by trainers that addresses the problems many companies face in managing their employee and contractor training and occupational competence.

CALMcloud is designed to encompass and easily track all of a staff-member’s training – both online and onsite face-to-face training – as well as their competence assessment and CPD (Continuous Professional Development).

CALMcloud keeps an ongoing holistic record – all in one place – which takes away the guesswork and confusion of keeping records in different systems. It is also an effective tool for career development. Roles can be assigned to individuals, populating their training needed with the agreed training and competence requirements.

In 2013, we moved our operations to the CATCH facility in the industrial heart of the Humber Bank, which provided access to a Tank Farm, Process Plant and other replicated training environments.

We were also awarded the contract to develop the NSAPI Process Safety Management for Operations suite of materials, including Train the Trainer, a package that provided the skills and resources needed for an employer’s own training personnel to deliver their Process Safety Management in-house.

Continuing to grow, Reynolds moved to the Technical Training Centre at CATCH, which gave them additional offices, classrooms and a workshop area.

We were also awarded Centre Status by NEBOSH (the National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health) being recognised as a Gold Learning Partner (#946), whilst gaining OfQual and awarding body approval for a range of qualifications, including both Level 2 and Level 5 in Process Safety Management.

This supports our IOSH-approved Approved Principles of Process Safety Management. We also started to develop our Understanding Tank Farms series, a range of courses aimed directly at the Bulk Liquid and Gas Storage Sector, and the forerunner to the apprenticeship programme for the Bulk Storage Operations Sector.

Reynolds Training Services – To Apprenticeships and Beyond

Since 2018, we have agreed the route for the very first Specialism for a Bulk Liquid Terminal Technician, which is aligned to the Science and Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship.

Underpinning this was our development of L3 Diploma for a Bulk Storage Operator Technician. This also secured Engineering Technician Status Approval from IChemE (The Institute for Chemical Engineers).

This work was undertaken with the TSA (The Tank Storage Association), Cogent and the wider industry and is the first such Apprenticeship for this business sector. It develops a recognised career pathway for operational roles.

The first cohort of Science and Manufacturing Technician apprentices commenced study in September 2019.  They will be taking their End Point Assessment by the end of 2021, right on schedule, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic. We are also looking forward to welcoming our third cohort, this September.

We also pioneered the National Centre for Process and Manufacturing, investing £300,000 in a system of state-of-the-art Tank Farm and Process Plant equipment. Devised, developed and delivered in partnership with CATCH, this introduces real world industry-specific equipment to our training provision at a previously unprecedented scale, encompassing new gauges, valves, independent shut-off and a full fiscal metering system, including the finest Honeywell Distribution Control System, which is also coupled with an Emerson Delta V DCS. This is exactly the level of equipment learners will encounter in any modern terminal and storage workplace.

Reynolds Training Services – We Didn’t Come This Far… 

… To only come this far!

During the last 18 months – and despite the roadblock of the pandemic – the mission here at Reynolds Training has continued to move forward at an ever-accelerating rate.

As for the future, we aren’t slowing down – far from it. As John Reynolds and our other Associate Trainers travel the length and breadth of the country, delivering award-winning training on your site, or back here at home on our site, you can guarantee that Reynolds Training Services will be going into high gear.

We have lots of plans in the pipeline including:

  • New Qualifications
  • Revising current standards
  • Expanding the NCPM Tank Farm for additional provision
  • Bringing in additional trainers
  • Developing industrial partnerships, that will benefit the sector

Sir Richard Branson recently wrote an article called ‘You Never Know Where an Idea Will Lead’. In his case, his ideas have taken him from selling records out of a church crypt to orbiting the Earth. We, at Reynolds, haven’t quite made it into space, yet, but we firmly believe that hard work and inspiration can take you anywhere – not even the sky’s the limit.

Let’s continue on this journey together.

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