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The Importance of Major Hazard Leadership

The Health and Safety Executive and industry have come together to promote 2019 as the “Year of Major Hazard Leadership”. To this end, they organised a ‘COMAH Strategic Forum Open Meeting’ for senior managers of sites with the potential to cause a major hazard accident. It included presentations from the Environment Agency and several [...]

Processing the value of safety performance Indicators

Process Safety Performance Indicators mark the difference between a safe and unsafe site. After all, the knowledge we acquire is critical to: Preventing major incidents such as Buncefield Learning from events to avoid similar occurrences in the future Accurate reporting informs decision makers, metrics providing a guide against which safety systems can be tailored [...]

The Three P’s: Plant, Process, People

Poor process safety management can have devastating impacts on sites and, equally, strong protective barriers can prevent, control and mitigate incidents. Good process safety management, of course, doesn’t happen by accident. It requires active engagement across all aspects of plant, process and people. Let’s take a look how the 3 P's work together in harmonious [...]

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Are you feeling competent?

So what is a competence management system? The Process Safety Leadership Group defines it as: “A combination of practical and thinking skills, experience and knowledge. It means the ability to undertake responsibilities and to perform activities to a recognised standard on a regular basis.” In plain old English, this simply means introducing arrangements to control [...]

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Online health and safety training: competence tracker

To safety train online or not to safety train online: that is the question. Sure, online training with iLearn is conveniently effective and, yes, you can put operators through their paces when you want, where you want, at incredibly manageable prices. Then there’s the ‘but’. How can we tell, asks many a site manager, whether [...]

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3 Reasons Why Competency Counts

To competently carry out one's job is important in all sectors. Now imagine you are an operator on a high hazard site, a million tonnes of flammable petroleum surges through the vein-like network of pipes which snake their way around the surrounding infrastructure. Competency is absolutely crucial. Here’s three reasons why competency COUNTS Download your [...]

To be competent or not to be …?

That is the question RTS director, John Reynolds, will be tackling at this year’s StocExpo conference and exhibition. As the HSE embarks on its review of Competency with a focus on high hazard sites we too, as an industry, must analyse our ability to demonstrate and continually develop Competency. That’s why the health and safety [...]

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What is competency?

RTS director, John Reynolds, dishes up another piece of industrial health and safety wisdom as he mulls over the key question: what is competency? Good workplace competency consists of a careful blend of unique elements. Just like the perfectly balanced petrochemical compound, getting the mix right is crucial – one wrong ingredient and things can [...]

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