HSE declares 2012 the year of Competency Training

Exiting my hotel suite, I descend to the conference room below where officials from the Health and Safety Executive prepare to take centre-stage. The focus of this evening’s event: workplace

Competency Management and Training

The HSE promptly blow away my expectations by declaring Competency Management Systems and Training will be a central tenant of the 2012 inspection regime for all Major Accident Hazard Sites.

A most competent conference

The HSE’s announcement means employers will be required to keep Competency atop of their workplace safety regime.

In partnership with safety training providers, they will have to work even harder to demonstrate the robustness of their  Competence Management System and Training – showcasing skills, experience and knowledge on an unwavering basis.

Safety doesn’t happen by accident

As a workplace training and consultancy specialist, Competency has always been close to my heart. A quick flick through the history books shows how inadequate management of Competency sparked an array of disasters including Esso Longford and BP Texas City.

Improved Competency means improved workplace safety. So it’ll come as no surprise that Reynolds Training Services welcomes the HSE’s announcement with open arms.

Download competency training articles:

  1. HSE inspectors competence notes
  2. Cogent CMS guidelines for downstream and petroleum site
  3. HSE human factors competence briefing notes
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