Reynolds Training Makes an Exciting Return to StocExpo 2024


We, at Reynolds Training, were excited to be returning to StocExpo.  The year’s premiere event for the international bulk liquid and gas storage sector was held, once again, at Rotterdam Ahoy over the 12th and 13th of March.

For us, events like this are more than just a gathering of like-minded professionals – they’re an opportunity for us to make contact with a huge number of delegates from all across the world, as well as across the spectrum of businesses in our sector.

Ever since we won the StocExpo Rising Star Award, an incredible four years ago, we have continued to build and grow, from Apprenticeships through to our Virtual Reynolds … But more of that later. The bottom line is: We continue to go from strength to strength.

For example, our founder and Managing Director is John Reynolds has recently been included in the Storage Terminals Magazine Guide to the Top 100 Tank Storage Influencers! Zip through to page 178 for John’s two-page profile. (And, BTW, our thanks and gratitude go to Greg and his team at Storage Terminals mag.)

StocExpo 2024 also offered us at Reynolds Training the chance to solidify our position as the world’s leading provider of competency management and safety training.

Why Trade Shows are Important

Our goals at StocExpo were clear: to make a significant impact by demonstrating our cutting-edge training methodologies and to network with the many other innovators in our sector.

Yes, we’re developing some revolutionary technology – but this is all purposeful – it’s all to enhance our service offering as our sector’s pre-eminent training provider, demonstrating our pioneering approach to blended learning – both on our client’s site, on our own site and online.

For Reynolds Training, the benefits of attending StocExpo included:

Updating: It was a chance for us to see what other far-sighted and cutting-edge companies are developing in our sector.

Networking: All the big players were there, from industry leaders, decision-makers, engineers and experts. Well, since we’re a big player in the world of training the next generation of industry operators and managers, StocExpo provided the ideal platform for us to network, collaborate and build lasting relationships.

Showcasing Virtual Reynolds: Our most exciting new development is, without doubt, our pioneering virtual reality training platform. This immersive training experience took centre stage on our stand and in the many conversations we had, this year.

Here’s a look at some of the adventures of Team Reynolds at StocExpo 24:

The Tank Storage Awards

The awards ceremony on Tuesday evening was particularly inspiring for us. Awards were presented in categories such as ‘Safety Technology’, ‘Industry Game Changer’ and ‘Project of the Year’. We genuinely believe that Virtual Reynolds could be a contender in any of those categories by next year.

Here’s why we believe Virtual Reynolds is a huge leap forward for safety training in the high hazard sector:

Step Into Virtual Reynolds

At the forefront of our offerings this year was Virtual Reynolds, a pioneering VR training platform that revolutionises the way safety and process operations training is delivered.

By simulating a realistic tank farm and training plant environment, Virtual Reynolds offers an immersive learning experience that transcends geographical boundaries. This technology will make our courses accessible globally.

This year at StocExpo, we were excited to demonstrate how Virtual Reynolds can transform training outcomes and operational safety for businesses worldwide.

Virtual Reynolds at StocExpo 2024

Step into our immersive world and experience a realistic environment and customised training scenarios where learners can hone critical skills, including:

  • Explore critical safety protocols in a controlled, immersive setting.
  • Practice crisis management and emergency response training.
  • Equip your operators with essential skills.
  • Ensure competency across your team.
  • Learn anywhere, anytime, 24/7.
  • Keep Operators on your site while they learn, virtually, on our site.

But, of course, our pioneering work on Virtual Reynolds is just one of the many innovations we are involved in:

Reynolds Training: Empowering the Next Generation

This is our 15th year in business – and during our long and (we like to think) illustrious business life, our ongoing commitment has always been to training bulk storage operative in the skills they need to not only excel at the job they have now, but to have the skills they need to constantly improve and navigate their way through a long career in our exciting sector.

Our mission has always been to develop a recognised career pathway for the Bulk Storage Operations sector, achieving this through a ‘Blended Learning’ approach, not only providing the knowledge, skills and experience, but also ensuring personnel can build a career that will see them through their whole work life.

Our goal is to achieve this via a range of training methods “on your site, on our site and online”.

To that end, our team includes the finest, most experienced trainers and we employ the finest cutting-edge technology to deliver robust, customisable, up-to-date and holistic training.

Strengthening Industry Standards with Smartflow

Our strategic partnership with Smartflow reinforces our commitment to enhancing safety and operational efficiency. Smartflow’s digital solution aims to ensure seamless ISGOTT v6 compliance, facilitating clear communication and excellence in operations. This collaboration is just another example of our dedication to advancing industry standards through technological innovation and expert knowledge.

Check out our Toolbox Talk, below, where we discuss the importance of ISGOTT v6 and the associated Ship Shore Safety Checklist.

Reynolds Training Courses

In addition to Virtual Reynolds and our partnership with Smartflow, we continue to offer an unmatched range of safety and process operations training courses at Reynolds Training – accredited by the world’s leading awarding bodies, namely IOSH, NEBOSH, Qualsafe and GQA – and all under the umbrella of our ISO 9001 certification and IchemE approval!

Check out the wide range of courses we offer – each taught by world-leading experts in their fields.


CALMcloud (which stands for Competency Assessment Learning Management in the cloud) is our secret weapon. CALMcloud can seamlessly integrate learning management, competency assessment and training, providing personnel with their unique Individual Training Record and companies with demonstrable delivery of training and competence.

CALMcloud supports various training formats, including online, video-based, instructor-led, assessments, competence tracking, and mentoring.

Our platform enables you to upload and update training materials, ensuring the latest versions are readily available.

Learn more about CALMcloud here.


The NCPM (aka The National Centre for Process and Manufacturing) is the UK’s premier fully-operational tank farm and process plant training facility. The centre’s controls and equipment align directly with industry standards in the UK and internationally.

This state-of-the-art centre offers a fully-emulated real-world experience for professionals, allowing them to hone technical skills in various critical areas, such as:

  • Control Room Operations: Where learners are taught how to manage complex processes, monitor systems and make critical decisions.
  • Process Operations: Where learners gain hands-on experience in process operations working with cutting-edge equipment, simulating real-world scenarios.
  • Maintenance and Field Operations: The NCPM comprehensively offers learners training in equipment maintenance, inspections and repairs so they can develop the practical skills needed for safe and efficient work in industrial settings.

Reynolds’ Science and Manufacturing Technician Apprenticeship

At Reynolds Training, we’ve pioneered the use of Apprenticeships as a way of ensuring industry has a pipeline of qualified and experienced new Operators to keep the fuel flowing and the wheels of industry turning.

Ours is the ONLY Apprenticeship that is specialist to the sector – and Reynolds are the premier trainers offering it as we were part of the team that developed it and we have pioneered delivering it for many years now.

Energy Transition = Exciting Times!

This is a great business sector to work in – and it’s the most exciting time to join. As the world makes advances through energy transition, we will need young, imaginative, ambitious and well-trained operators who are able to adapt to an ever-changing future of fuel.

If you’re still unsure about the many benefits of hiring Apprentices for your business – we guide you through the benefits, the process and the costs (which are surprisingly low) in a series of articles beginning here.

Our Apprenticeship programme – along with all of our training courses – are uniquely suited to helping you build a strong, sustainable workforce for the future by giving your new employees the knowledge, skills and behaviour they need to ensure a safe, sustainable and profitable future for themselves and for the entire industry.

These resources – Reynolds’ range of training options, CALMcloud, The NCPM and Virtual Reynolds are available to you on your site, on our site, or online, offering a complete and accessible blended-learning solution tailored to the unique needs of both our learners and their employers.

A Call to Collaboration

StocExpo 2024 proved to be an incredible success for Reynolds Training. We were able to showcase our cutting-edge Virtual Reynolds platform and receive overwhelmingly positive feedback from attendees. The event allowed us to solidify our position as the world’s leading provider of competency management and safety training for the bulk liquid and gas storage sector.

More importantly, StocExpo provided an invaluable opportunity to connect with industry leaders, experts, and innovators from around the globe. The insights, collaborations, and relationships formed at the event will undoubtedly shape the future direction of our training solutions. We are already eagerly anticipating StocExpo 2025, where we can unveil even more groundbreaking advancements.

Reynolds Training remains steadfastly committed to driving innovation, enhancing safety standards and empowering the next generation of skilled professionals in this crucial industry. Our journey continues, fueled by the passion and expertise of our team, the trust of our clients, and the collective pursuit of excellence that defines the bulk storage community, now and onwards into a prosperous future for all.

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