Petroleum Training Courses: NSAPI PST

Dear Site Manager,

I’m writing to inform you about a new petroleum training course which has just come on stream at RTS.

NSAPI’s Petroleum Safety Training (PST) is a one-day course designed for contractors working at top tier COMAH petroleum and petrochemical sites.

The PST petroleum training course supplements existing safety passport schemes such as CCNSG.

Benefits of this petroleum training course

This petroleum training course is of huge benefit to contractors working on sites such as refineries, bulk hydrocarbon storage terminals and other locales where petroleum products are stored or processed.

By placing your contractors on the course, you can:

  • Provide client assurance that contractors are trained to recognise hazards and controls in a petroleum high hazard environment
  • Ensure contractors are clear on safety training requirements (CCNSG & petroleum safety training)
  • Allows contractor to move from site to site without the need for repeat training

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