British Lung Foundation launches asbestos safety campaign

The British Lung Foundation has launched a new campaign to raise awareness amongst tradesmen about the dangers of asbestos.

‘Take 5 and Stay Alive’ sets down five key steps to empower workers with the tools to identity asbestos and how to deal with it safely.

Tradesmen are advised to take a moment and ask themselves:

  1. Do you suspect there’s asbestos on site?
  2. Can you be sure it’s asbestos?
  3. What’s the level of risk and how do you handle it safely?
  4. Have you had the right type of training?
  5. Are you taking precautions to minimise the risks?

Asbestos was commonly used in homes and commercial buildings until 1999 when it was finally banned. Even so, it remains the biggest on-the-job killer of tradespeople in the UK.

Take 5 and Stay Alive – Asbestos Safety TV Ad

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